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Jobs Are Created By Real Productive Business Investment

Governments do not create jobs.  Whatever they spend has to be taken from someone, whose wherewithal to hire new workers is thereby curtailed.

Increasing taxes, imposing strangling new regulations, flooding the economy with phony fiat money, and working actively to destroy selected industries create uncertainty and fear in business decision makers.  After four years of this, businesses understandably are very cautious about investing in new production facilities or expanding existing ones.  Only when those elements of uncertainty have been removed will business revive and create new jobs.

Louis Woodhill analyzes prospects for the economy under President Obama on the Forbes website.



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  1. Certainly, if the those listed elements would be removed, it'll definitely going to create job openings. canvas prints from photos
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  2. Woodhill admits that the peak in jobs occurred in 2007, which of course is when the economy turned really sour, thanks in large measure to the policies of GW Bush. The argument that we should go back to those policies boggles the mind. What was it about the Bush crash that was desirable? Why does Woodhill believe that repeating those "trickle down" policies will have a different outcome the second time around?

    Businesses do not increase production as a result of tax cuts to the rich. They increase production as a response to increase in demand. Nobody doubles the size of their widget factory until widgets are selling like hotcakes.
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