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Inflation Still On The Radar Screen

A couple of articles from Forbes:

Ben Bernanke’s Secret Inflation Plan

Keynesian “Easy Money” Is Nothing But Currency Devaluation

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  1. The inflation mania continues. Mr. Brewton has been predicting run away, heart-stopping inflation, caused by anti-Keynesian hysteria for the last four years, but to date, his fears have not be realized. Of course, at some point, the recovery of the economy will reach a level where there is again some price pressure, and we may see some inflation then. But thanks to the dismal performance of the tea party members of congress, the chance of a rapid economic recovery remain slim - which should offer some peace of mind to the anti-inflation zealots.

    The second article cited by Brewton was interesting in that it did not so much say that little inflation would be a bad thing, but rather suggested the investments you should go into to protect your wealth against a possible rise in prices.
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