The View From 1776

There Really is Diversity

Not in the politically-correct classrooms monitored by the Thought Police, but in the actuality of distinctly different human races.

Much of liberal-socialist energy since the late 1960s has been devoted to “proving” that it is unscientific to make distinctions between the sexes, human races, and political and social cultures.  According to liberal-socialist intellectuals, we are all essentially identical and interchangeable, like parts of a machine coming off an assembly line.  In the liberal view, those who assert that there are real and meaningful differences among these are creating a self-serving, racist construct to oppress women and racial minorities.

From this liberal academic milieu come the various branches of Critical Studies theory.  The primary thrust of Critical Studies is to deny any authority to history and to established traditions or customs by dismissing them, for example, as Marx did religion, which he called the opium of the masses, created by the ruling classes to narcotize and suppress the workers.

Critical Studies says that the existence of hundreds or thousands of years of tradition is meaningless, because it’s just ideas in somebody’s head.  Therefore, liberal-socialist adherents to Critical Studies are equally free to make of law and tradition whatever they wish it to be in order to further their concepts of social justice.

Our “elite” law schools - Harvard and Yale - have been primary sources of this doctrine, which sheds light on the surge of judicial activism since the 1960s.

Reducing it to essentials, Critical Studies is simply the law of the jungle: eat or be eaten, and liberals intend to be the eaters.  Their ideas are as good as anyone else’s, because under secular socialism there is no God-given morality and no human nature. 

The socialized political state has both the prerogative and the ability to obliterate all historical distinctions between men and women and between social and economic classes.  The socialized political state must eliminate individuality, crushing everyone into a common, homogenized mass of citizens, each receiving from the socialistic state roughly the same amount of income, each entitled to receive an equal share of the state’s goods and services.

Increasingly, however, as rational and truly scientific minds, unbiased by predetermined conclusions, investigate claims of underlying unity and identity of men and women and the various races, it is becoming clear that Critical Studies has no legs to stand on. 

Larry Auster’s The View From The Right has a brief summary of such an analysis, together with weblinks to the essays.  In Races are real, says Times, Mr. Auster writes:

“Has the millennium arrived?  An op-ed in the New York Times admits that the various races of mankind exist as a biological fact and not just a social construct. The reasoning of the author, Armand Marie Leroi, is interesting.  It’s long been said by liberals that the same physical variations found between races also exist among individuals in the same race, and therefore race is not real.  While this orthodox liberal argument is wholly unpersuasive when you think about it, it has been persuasive to lots of people.  However, as Leroi points out, the liberal view ignores the fact that the various traits tend to come in packages, a certain type of skull shape with a certain kind of hair with certain types of facial features, and so on.  This package is, of course, what we call race.  So Leroi is simply admitting something that mentally normal people, i.e., people whose minds are not controlled by the absurd lies of liberalism, have always recognized as a matter of course.  Steve Sailer also discusses the Leroi article at length.  [“A Family Tree in Every Gene,” NYT, 3-14-05]”

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