The View From 1776

The “Progressive” Legacy

Thomas Sowell links the policies and ideologies of liberal-progressivism in the administrations of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson to the present day Democrat-Socialist Party’s radical wing.

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  1. Thomas Sowell exhibits his outlandish ideas (once again) in this weak diatribe against Teddy Roosevelt, George W. Bush's favorite president. (Sowell's columns are occasionally printed in our local paper, and they are, like this one, universally rife with untruths and crazy statements.)

    Astoundingly, he appears to say that the "trust busting," and curbing the monopolistic activities of Standard Oil were undesirable and labels them, disparagingly, as "Progressive" and "Liberal."

    I don't think even Ron Paul would go so far as to be in favor of overturning the anti-trust laws that restrict monopoly practices.
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  2. Woodrow Wilson gave us the income tax, the Federal reserve, and sent millions of American boys to die in the trenches defending Paris during WWI. Then he botched the Treaty at Versailles, letting the French hobble the defeated Germans so severly that WWII became inevitable--all done as a swap, to get the French support for his League Of Nations, which turned out to be totally ineffectual. With that for a record, he is my candidate for worst President ever! And yet, there are some who still persist in promoting such Progressive idiocy!

    Of course there is competition looming: Obama and Hillary have managed to escalate the national debt beyond belief, taken trillions of dollars from average Americans and given it as bailouts to Wall Street and Detroit buddies, packed the Treasury Department with Goldman Sachs executives, made the mortgage-foreclosure crisis worse, subsidized the environmental boondoggles of their campaign finance donors, escalated the losing war in Afghanistan, toppled the two stable and somewhat benign dictators in Egypt and Libya, abandoned Iraq to the radical Muslims, bowed to the Saudi Princes, sabotaged our chance for energy independence by kowtowing to radical environmental groups, nixing the Boeing plant in SC, nixing the Lockheed sale of jets to Taiwan, stonewalling the Keystone pipeline, ignoring and undermining Israels independence, all while letting North Korea continue its thugish behavior and letting Iran get the Bomb! Hopefully, with that list of accomplishments, there work is done and they will leave!

    Professor Sowell is 100% right on!
    Posted by bill greene  on  02/18  at  08:55 PM
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