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Jeff Lukens recaps our sufferings under anti-Constitutional, atheistic, materialistic socialism.

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  1. Lukens has nominated Obama as the worst President in history. In that vein, have you noticed that not one of the GOP candidates has let the words, "George Bush" pass his or her lips during any of the endless debates we have endured? We have had the invocation of the sainted Ronald a number of times, but no mention of George.

    Usually, the past president, if he is still alive, is hailed as the party leader and sage, speaking out on all things wise and wonderful. Here we have a strange, almost eerie, silence over the far right land.
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  2. Jay, this is because people don't want to argue about Iraq all over again.

    Iraq had in fact breeched the terms of ceasefire with the United States military and also 'final' U.N. resolutions. Bush decided to act on that and the limited information and lack of ability of intelligence to guarantee both stability and security.

    What is the full story on Saddam's WMD and his programs? Well, they are no longer secret and they are no longer ongoing so we can move on and look at other threats now can't we?

    But just sitting on our hands and just onlooking is not quite the way to approach, as say during an Iran or an everincreasingly belligerant and alQaeda Taliban collaborating Pakistan and radicalizing mideast.

    Yes, in this area too, Obama will be leaving his disasterous mark of ineptitude and inconsistency. He did, after all, turn down two opportunities to support the Iranian people, refusing to, quote "meddle" in Iran's affairs..

    And if giving Afghanitan to the Taliban the way Vietnam was given to the Communists is the meaningful difference and progress in your mind then makes there then you are free to believe and to make that argument.

    If it was Bush vs. Obama do you really think Obama would be elected now that people are realizing all the hype nonsense and hollowness he embodies?
    Posted by Sirc_Valence  on  02/03  at  03:42 AM
  3. Sirc,

    You make some lively arguments, but from here they appear to be weak.

    Bush's use of "WMD" in justifying his invasion of Iraq has proven to be fraudulent and a subterfuge for a policy that the Neo Conservatives wanted to execute prior to 9-11. [For details, read "Wolfowitz and The Great American Century."] 9-11 was twisted into a convenient excuse to fullfill these conservative daydreams.

    Not "meddling" in the Iran protests was exactly the right thing to do. Had "the Great Satan" stepped into that mess, the mullahs would have been delighted to have a real enemy to fight. And of course, you have not suggested what action Obama should have taken. Invasion? Drop bombs? CIA infiltrators? The Iranian dictators will fall of their own weight eventually, following in the paths of their peers in Libya, Egypt, and Syria. The last thing we need right now is to get embroiled in another mid east war as an outside western power.

    There are no Al Qada left in Afghanistan, so it is time to come home. The Taliban had no role in 9-11 and a crusade to rout them from Afghanistan is no more valid than a crusade to banish the Tutsi from Central Africa. We cannot be the policeman of the world.

    If it were the disgraced Bush v. Obama, it would be no contest - and next November we will probably get a chance to see whether my analysis is correct, if we can say that Romney is a reasonable facsimile of "W".
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  4. In the "for what it's worth" column, my nomination for worst president, hands down, is Franklin Roosevelt. Number two is Lyndon Johnson, number three, Obama, and four, Jimmy Carter.
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  5. I think Obama is the one of the Best president of United State Of America , It was his bad luck that he had to face the rescission twice in his Session , but even he manged it very well and even trying Hard for it.
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  6. Jay,

    Weakest/laziest debater on the blog dismisses others of presenting weak arguments. Though I must give you credit, this time you made some little effort toward constructing an actual argument. Only problem, none of it is true (just bits & pieces of wax, string, ineffectual-barbs, and semi-factual information strung together in a semblance of argument). As always, I
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  7. In the
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  8. Bob,

    I am sorry that my points seem to have upset you and unleashed a torrent of arguments. Without taking an hour to rebut each one point by point, let me reply to just a few:

    1) My use of the term "Great Satan" was a literary device to convey (with just a touch of humorous irony) that this is how Iran thinks of us. It was not, of course, to imply that I agree with Iran and that we are somehow satanic.

    2) You seem to suggest that we should take action to somehow "undermine" governments or control the revolutions occurring in the middle east:

    "With the exception of the Soviets, Communist regimes have been in business more than sixty years, and show every indication (even the vilest of them, aka, North Korea) will be in business at least another generation or so unless something is done to undermine them (as Reagan, Thatcher and the Pope did)."

    Eisenhower tried this in 1953, using the CIA to overthrow democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh to install the Shah. And we have been paying a high price of that meddling ever since. What exactly are you suggesting we do - for instance in Syria?
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  9. Jay you ask : "What exactly are you suggesting we do - for instance in Syria?"

    I was against Obama's crusade in Libya where he killed many civilians to topple a guy who wasn't our enemy and wasn't as dangerous as his successors will be. But to be consistent, Obama should send in the drones to wipe out the Syrian leaders who are a much bigger enemy than Libya was.

    Of course, such attacks, like the one in Libya, would further validate the Arab view of us as The Great Satan.

    History may show that Hillary and Obama were the worst foreign policy team in U. S. history. They're losing with China, losing the Middle East, Losing in Latin America, and shutting down domestic manufacturing and energy production! The End Is Near!
    Posted by bill greene  on  02/15  at  07:54 PM
  10. Leadership Training,

    Some people have a run of bad luck, some make their own bad luck, and some ... are just bad news.

    Judging by the substance and grammatical defects of your post, I pray your chosen pseudonym is not intended to imply superior leadership qualties or teaching others to lead; because, if it is, I am unconvinced. I assume by
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  11. Jay,


    Regarding your #1: Your use of
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