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The Environmental Gestapo

  1. The post implies that we should simply give up on researching alternatives to fossil fuels. I think this "can't do" philosophy is totally un-American!

    Surely, if we have the ability to go to the moon, there is the scientific capacity in this great country of our to solve these kinds of puzzles. The long history of technology, from the invention of the light bulb, the telephone, the transistor, the computer, teaches us that solving any difficult technical problem takes years of effort. But our children and grandchildren will thank us for this research.
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  2. J. Jay,

    You are such a shameless humbug!

    It says no such thing (i.e.,
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  4. Mr. Jay, The invention of the light bulb, the telephone, and the transistor were the work of individuals, working independently, free of government regulation, and advancing technology as America always did before big government came in to slow down the process.

    Alternative energy may be advanced somewhere in the future, but it won't come from government subsidies to politically connected start-ups like Solyndra. It will come from the trial and error work of numerous entrepreneurs pursuing their innovative genius to find solutions. Central planning can never match the variety of innovative experiments gained by a free economy and an open business climate free of interference and direction from the elites at the top.
    Posted by bill greene  on  01/22  at  08:21 PM
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