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Even the bluest of mainstream, socialist media express dismay over Jon Corzine’s misconduct.  They shouldn’t be surprised by it.

After all, Corzine, a huge financial contributor to the Democrat/Socialist Party when he was co-head of Goldman Sachs, became a Democrat/Socialist Senator from New Jersey, then that state’s governor.  In all those roles, Corzine displayed the liberal-progressive-socialist presumption that money other people earn is, of right, property of the socialist state to be redistributed as liberal-progressive-socialists see fit.

It’s hardly a big step from there to the presumption of entitlement to convert $1.2 billion of clients’ money to his firm’s use.

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  1. Going in the right way. We should do what comes to us naturally and what we think. office furniture Tampa
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  2. Speaking of the evils of the Democrat Socialists, Thomas, I am very patiently waiting to hear which candidate on the conservative side you are supporting! With the incessant debates occurring every week, you must by now have formed an opinion of which person best exemplifies your vision of the future for the country.


    Perhaps since Christine O'Donell has now endorsed Romney, that might sway you in his direction?
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  3. By attempting to change the subject, Mr. Jay shows his embarassment over the corrupt collusion between Democratic leaders and their Wall Street cronies.

    Obama's administration employs over a dozen former Goldman Sachs partners and the results are similar--they lost their customers money when working at Sachs, and now they are losing the citizens money as they try their hands at manipulating the public purse.

    Regarding the choice between the various Republican candidates--it would help me decide if they would each indicate their willingness to get all Wall Street insiders OUT of government--and to appoint some pit bulls at the SEC to oversee and eliminate the excess speculative trading and gambling that is debasing our financial institutions.

    (I think Bachman and Palin would be good candidates to clean house and root out the good old boy network at the Treasury and SEC)
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/17  at  08:14 PM
  4. The main-stream media are leftists, i.e. REDs, not true-blue.

    That you should call them blue is a testament to their ability when it comes to propaganda, to call black, white; to call blue red and red blue... and get the sheeple to go along with their deceptions.
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  5. Re: this election cycle, it certainly is getting aggravating. Cousin Obummer hasn't been even in the running since the day he took and immediately broke his oath of office.

    Even the stuff in the compost pile would be preferable to him, but both the Libertarian and Republican candidates seem to be competing to see which is the worst. NONE of them have a policy position on immigration and guest-workers which would be an improvement over the Shrub and Obummer, which is to say that they all want to make the situation worse by lowering standards, thus reducing national security and worsening the economy. The guy from MN was the worst, but now it's Perry, followed by Romney and the Newt, but Bachmann is striving not to be left out of the bad category.

    On the economy, Ron Paul makes the others look like a joke, but his own international policy position has been worsening... while the others are nothing to write home about.

    But right now, I have to agree that the least bad of the lot are Bachmann and Palin, while the worst by a logn shot remains cousin Obummer. I just really wish it were a matter of choosing the best rather than the least bad for a change.
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  6. Bill,

    I understand from a forensic account friend I know that the billion dollars that Corzine "lost" cannot actually just disappear. There is a trail out there and it just has to be investigated and followed to find out where the money went. That is not to say that Corzine is innocent. He may need to be sent to the slammer to visit Bernie Madoff.

    I don't believe there is any alleged link between Corzine and Obama here, however, Bill.

    Thanks for naming a candidate. (It would be interesting if Thomas could bring himself to name somebody - but I am not holding my breath waiting.)
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  7. The link of Corzine and Goldman Sachs to Obama is that Obama gave 30 billion to AIG so they could repay Goldman Sachs and has kept all the Goldman executives in his government.

    I did not name a choice for President, just that the two ladies would be very good at the SEC or Treasury to get rid of the good old boy network that has corrupted our finacial institutions.

    However, I think Romney has the best chance of winning in a general election, even though the two ladies have a better philosophical understanding of what America needs and also have a greater passion to do something about it. We really do need a major shake-up!
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/18  at  10:08 PM
  8. Romney is totally unacceptable, whether or not the party bosses or the leftist media back him.

    A non-exhaustive list of elements for a platform for an acceptable candidate should include:

    * secure borders

    * at least make an honest attempt to cut federal government spending by about $1.8T per year (if you can only cut it by $1.7T per year, we can live with that, but less than $1T per year would be a stupid and cruel scam)

    * no more bail-outs; there is no business too big to fail, regardless of how many of your political buddies are on the board

    * cut visas of every kind to conscientiously manageable levels, set some reasonable minimal standards, and require background investigations of every applicant

    * eliminate as much of LBJ's Rotten Society and FDR's Raw Deal as you can, along with all of the detritus like Fannie, Freddie, Sallie, Ginnie, CPB...

    * focus defense and national security policy on, gasp, actually defending and securing the USA instead of foreign adventurism (but keep sufficient foreign bases, spies, etc., too)

    You've got 4 years in office, so you can take a gradualist approach rather than doing these things in the first month... but do not drag your heels or whimp out to the flaming radical left. These things need to be done in less than 4 years (and preferably in less than 1 year), not 5 years, not 8 years, not 10 years.

    When you get all that done, we can fuss over gay "marriage", abortions, state blue laws, etc. (Newt's fault was that he put these first in his thinking and I'm not seeing much of a change), elimination of the Fed and income extortion in the other 3 years of your first term.
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  9. Igo is right--cutting the entitlements, eliminating bailouts, and balancing the budget are the major needs that should come first.

    But how??

    I believe it was Warren Buffett who said he could balance the budget in five minutes--just pass an amendment to the constitution stipulating that: If in any year there was a deficit, all incumbent Congressmen and Senators would be ineligible to run for re-election.

    Those approximately 500 individuals have the complete power to establish the budget--and it's 5th grade arithmetic--outgo has to be less than income!
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/19  at  09:41 PM
  10. Just do it already!

    There's no funds for them, so stop making pay-outs.

    If you want an extremely gradualist approach, simply make them totally voluntary. Regardless of age, you can opt out tomorrow. An even more gradualist, gentler approach would be to, e.g. pay back those who have been extorted 50% of what was taken from their pay-checks.

    But in any case just end the blasted ponzi schemes!
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  11. "Without the aid of trained emotions the intellect is powerless against the animal organism." -CS Lewis
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