The View From 1776

Global Warming and Gnostic Paganism

The modern irruption of religious gnosticism, exemplified in the philosophical materialism of socialism, is a paradigm in which an intellectual elite see themselves alone possessed of special knowledge to restructure societies and perfect human life here on earth. 

That sort of hubristic pretension to knowledge is simply a liberal-progressive urge to supplant our Creator God.  It was described thousands of years ago in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden eating the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge to become like God.  Such pretension has always resulted in expulsion from Eden.

Lenin and Stalin, backed by their American liberal-progressive supporters, were prepared to liquidate tens of millions of citizens in order to impose socialistic materialism, believing they were creating social, political, and economic perfection for future generations.  Today’s believers in man-made global warming are prepared to wreck the world economy, casting millions of people into penury, to finance their schemes for reduction of so-called greenhouse gases.

Read this excerpt from Cardinal George Pell’s Global Warming

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  1. The climate deniers seem to have short attention spans, which seems to be matched by their inability to understand simple data. Thomas, as a seemingly educated person, I am astounded by your blindness to simple science! In rebuttal to the overwhelming weight of thousands of scientific studies you offer Latin mottoes by some Catholic priest? That is the best you can do? I know Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachman don't believe in science either, but I thought you were smarter than they!

    Cardinal Pell's authority is Aristotle? and his motto: In dubio non agitur: Don
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  2. Mr. Jay, let me suggest that you may misunderstand the nature of science.

    True science depends upon free exchange of ideas and data, all of which must remain forever open to challenge.

    If I correctly understand your preference, it is for a materialistic religious sort of inquisition in which anyone questioning your preconceptions is to be dismissed as ignorant, without the need to examine the basis of questioning.

    As for "Better Safe than Sorry," even people espousing your viewpoint admit that carrying out all of the draconian measures involved would probably not reduce global temperatures much more than half a degree celsius. What we already know with 100% certainty, from real-world experience to date, is that the supply of energy will drop drastically and that everyone's cost of living will skyrocket.
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