The View From 1776

The Troy Davis Execution

People opposed to the death penalty were again in vigorous vocality protesting that the possibility alone of a convict’s innocence is sufficient to forestall execution.  In fact they also oppose execution in cases where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, often corroborated by the perpetrator’s confession.

At the same time, these same people (most of them, at least) have no compunctions about murdering millions of babies each year without even a gesture in the direction of due process of law.  Stating it plainly, our society has come to the view that sexual promiscuity is a Constitutional “right” that trumps the God-given natural impulse of women to nurture their infants.

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  1. In this case, seven of nine witnesses recanted their testimony, and there was no physical evidence presented in the trial, which tends to sway one toward "reasonable doubt," the standard for conviction. The "Possibility of innocence" that you cite is not pertinent. In this case, the advocates were not asking that this guy be set free, only that he not be killed.

    Thomas, you, of all people, should recognize the great chasm between killing this man on what appears to be very shaky grounds and Mathew 5:38.
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