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Mr. Obama, Can You Spare a Dime

Liz Peek of the Fiscal Times spotlights one more of Obama’s many counter-productive proposals, this one aimed squarely at the deserving poor.

All of Obama’s supposed programs to jump start the economy and to revive employment have hammered down private business, the one and only source of real economic revival.  It’s obvious that his aim is really the socialist-gospel push to wipe out capitalistic individualism and to make everybody a government employee, under the regulatory control of a self-appointed intellectual elite. 

How else to explain his relentless obsession with “the rich” that, in this instance, blinds him to the damage he will do to the poor?

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  1. "The regulatory control of a self-appointed intellectual elite" is not capable of incorporating "common sense" in policy matters. They are afflicted with a brain disorder that is rarely found in the common men and women of America who think in simple and practical concrete ways.

    The highest IQ types, when dealing with the soft-sciences, adore theoretical abstractions such as those featuring Keynesian economics, the exciting manipulations of a central bank, the controlling power of top-down mandates, and the re-engineering of citizens into obedient servants.

    That is why the efforts of ordinary people to create successful societies can be quickly undone when intellectuals assume power by virtue of nothing more than academic credentials and their verbal virtuosity.
    Posted by bill greene  on  09/26  at  06:55 AM
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