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Green Energy Comes Up Short

In addition to forcing citizens, with a disparate impact on lower-income people, to pay three to six times as much for energy, mandated green energy is dangerously inadequate.

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  2. Thomas,

    The earth's oil resources were formed over a period of 500,000,000 years (five hundred million years). Mankind has managed to largely deplete them in 100 years. You say we do not need to change our ways because there is enough oil to last "another 100 years" (a time span which is highly debatable).

    But even accepting your time span, your perspective is very shortsighted, to say the least, but unfortunately one that is not at all unusual.

    A time horizon of 100 years seems infinite to most people because they don't think beyond their own paltry life span or their own selfish needs. Corporations will not support any activity that has less than a 5-year pay back and so the country continues to decline.

    In fact your data are no where close to being accurate. Renewable energy sources produced 12% of the country's electricity in 2010. Wind energy can produce electricity at 3 cents per KWH at good sites, which is much lower than the 15 cents per KWH we pay to the utilities around here.
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