The View From 1776

Liberal-Progressivism Flops Again

Thomas Sowell writes that Obama’s new New Deal is suffering the same failures as FDR’s New Deal, for the same sorts of reasons.


As unusual as 9 percent unemployment rates may seem to the current generation of Americans, unemployment rates stayed in double digits for months and years on end during the 1930s. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration followed policies very similar to those of the Obama administration today. He also got away with it politically by blaming his predecessor.

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  1. And we must remember that FDR surrounded himself with the best and brightest advisors, men of high intellect, Harvard scholars, whose minds loved the abstract notions about how governments can somehow direct economic affairs from on high to control and "stimulate" the activities of citizens.

    Obama's Czars have the same futile game plan--but then, it keeps them in charge, so they are not ovwerly motivated to see that their policies actually work.

    Perhaps we could as voters find a countervailing policy that would motivate the Czars by removing from office all those whose policies fail to gain a positive result quickly!
    Posted by bill greene  on  09/01  at  09:58 AM
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