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More Facts for Gaia Worshippers To Ignore

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism

It’s a terrible misfortune for self-aggrandizers, who believe that they are intelligent enough and all-powerful enough to dismiss the Creator of our universe and take over control of the weather themselves.

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  1. Score 1 for REAL WORLD data and -10000000 for socialist manipulation.

    Posted by hcgunmanpistolerosuf  on  07/29  at  12:55 AM
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  3. If you read the paper on which ths so-called conclusion is based, you will find that it says nothing at all about the ridiculous claims of "blowing a hole in warming alarmism." The paper in question concerns minute details of an arcane measurement analysis technique. No general conclusions about climate change are remotely considered by the paper.
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  5. J. Jay,

    For once I almost agree with you
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