The View From 1776

From His Lips To God’s Ears

Pat Buchanan’s optimistic assessment of debt ceiling negotiations.

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  1. When Dick Cheney said that Ronald Reagan proved that deficits don't matter, he was in sharp contrast to the current bunch of deficit hawks who are endangering the country with their newly acquired fanaticism about the deficit.

    When you say, "From his lips to God's ears," Tom, I assume you wish God would take a political position on this question.

    I give the Republicans credit for latching onto this debt ceiling issue as a political strategy, since they are so bankrupt in other ideas about how to improve the country. If you have nothing constructive to offer, why not just throw a wrench into the gears? It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether they succeed in their Grover Norquist scheme to cause the collapse of the government.

    Tom, you might want to sell your bonds before August rolls around, if you see this happening. I suggest buying cans of beans and bottled water for your survival.
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