The View From 1776

Liberal-Progressives Teaching America’s Students To Think

Liberal-progressives, beginning with John Dewey’s progressive education in the 1920s and 30s, have opposed students’ learning specific subject matter.  Students are supposed to have “experiences” working in groups, being conditioned for the future socialist society that is rapidly replacing our nation’s original constitutional individualism.  This is what Dewey called education for democracy

Dewey specifically wrote that history is a dead subject that has no place in a modern, progressive school curriculum.

Read Pat Buchanan’s recap of how well socialistic teachers’ unions and Federal guidelines have imposed Dewey’s dicta.

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  1. Thomas,

    As usual, you misscharacterize the views that you oppose to score debating points. You also make huge generalizations that weaken your arguments. "Liberal-progressives...have opposed..." as though every liberal espouses a single viewpoint.

    To say that Liberal oppose learning specific subject matter is almost too silly to respond to, but here's a short effort. Included in your "specific subject matter" would be math, science, biology, physics, etc. all of which require the learning of "specific subject matter." You are apparently claiming that there are no liberal scientists, evolutionary scientists, mathematicians, doctors, lawyers, etc.

    This is obvious nonsense. I think your arguments would be more persuasive if you sharpened your pen and wrote more thoughtfully and with less of a broad brush.
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