The View From 1776

Political Correctness vs. Individual Rights

Liberal-progressives don’t bother themselves with matters like due process or “innocent until proved guilty.”  As an elite class, they believe themselves entitled to override the Constitution and civil law, so long as they do so in service of political correctness.

Mike Adams documents recent outrages in the field of education.

For a rundown on nationwide derogation of individual rights in “higher” education, read Charles Kors

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  1. Let me see if I have this straight. Adams is in favor of crime victims being automatically charged with libel if an accused in not found guilty.

    So, if the accused were to get off on, say, a technicality, for instance and were to be found "not guilty," then the accuser would go to jail? We all know of cases were the defendant "did it," but something goes awry at trial. For instance, a police search warrant may be defective.

    Your most casual crime TV show watcher understands that "Not Guilty" is a whole lot different from "Innocent."
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