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Why Secular Jews Support the Democrat/Socialist Party

Evan Sayet explains.

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  1. This Sayet item is so off the wall that I hesitate to comment, on that chance that even talking about his point of view might give it some weight. Sayet talks about "Jews" as though you cannot convert to Judaism. And he implies that there is such a thing as a pure "born Jew," which is concept akin to the nebulous condition of being born "black."

    What do you call the person whose pedigree is not pure 100% Jewish? Part Jew? How much "Jewish blood" do you need to be a real Jew in the Sayet sense?

    I thought this kind of talk went out with Jim Crow!

    "Put simply," says Sayet, "the more Jewish is the person, the more they reject the policies of the Democrat Party." Ipso facto, if you like the Democrats, you are not a real Jew, I guess.
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  2. Excellent post!! In spite of Mr. Jay's objections, there is a Jewish community, they see themselves as Jewish and for the most part maintain a connection with other people of Jewish descent. Just as there are Polish and Irish communities, such identities exist for many ethnic groups, and it is not racist to say so. The significant question to be asked is "Why are so many Jews communists and Marxists and why do they vote overwhelmingly for Democrats?"

    IMDCO, people with a high aptitude for abstract thinking tend to be leftists, utopianists, and proponents of massive government programs to create a perfect world. This same aptitude earns good school grades and test scores which endow them with an arrogance and a faith in reason above human emotion. Those who have such an excess of faith in their own rationality also tend to be atheists because they see no need for humility before a higher spirituality. All these characteristics turn them toward the Democratic liberal and morally relative Party. Admittedly these are generalizations, but in the case of the Jewish community they may apply to a large majority. Thus, Sayet is correct in saying that the inclination to vote Democratic varies inversely with the degree to which they keep their Faith alive.

    The irony is that it was the atheistic intellectuals, radical social planners all, who took the BIG leap of faith into Stalin's arms, while denouncing the Leap of faith by those who are religious. Thus they take secular ideologies on faith and try and apply cool logic to spiritual matters! Intellectuals have it a_s backward! You are supposed to be rational on secular matters and subjective on spiritual matters! Does that mean Jews are not as smart as everyone thinks?

    It is generally conceded that Jews are by conventional measures of above average intelligence, and that is why they are so liberal. The problem is that our definition of "intelligence" is flawed. High abstract thinking and IQ scores do not predict the full competency of an individual. The ordinary man or woman of average IQ has many other cognitive faculties that so-called intellects lack. For example, most entrepreneurs, who create all the businesses and jobs in America, had average grades. The talking heads and other experts with all their verbal virtuosity on TV never created a job! One of those talking heads, the self-admittedly brightest student that Lionel trilling ever had, actually explained just what Sayet and I are saying:

    Norman Podhoretz was asked why it took him 30 years before he gave up radical leftists ideologies and became a neo-conservative. He replied that because he was an intellectual, it took him 30 years to understand what any ordinary person would see immediately!

    Another way of explaining it is that abstract thinking is useful in hard science, and that may explain why 1% of the world's population (Jews) win 50 % of the Nobel prizes; but that same love of abstractions, such as utopian ideas, make them dumber in political choices than the average person.
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  3. Bill,

    I have heard this anti-intellectual theory of yours in previous posts, but I still don't buy it! Although you have dressed it up, your theory basically posits that "smart people are stupid and stupid people are smart," which is about as close to an oxymoron as you can get.

    I think it may be closer to the truth that say that nobody is perfect and no matter how gifted we are, we all make mistakes. Generalizations about the characteristics of groups of people usually fail to be meaningful because each person has traits that fall outside of your "rule."

    To say that "talking heads never created a job" is one such generalization, that (beyond being totally unsubstantiated - where is your data?) is so broad a statement as to be meaningless.
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  4. Bill,

    Let me add a verse that I think you would appreciate:

    "I thank thee, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hidden these things from the wise and understanding and revealed them to babes. Yea, father, for such was thy gracious will."
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