The View From 1776

Perspective On A 1,389 Years War

Steve Kellmeyer has penned an arresting assessment of the War on Terror, a struggle that should be recognized forthrightly as our defensive efforts against Islam’s aggressive war to subjugate and destroy civilization.

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  1. So, Tom, back to the 'ole "The War on Terror" eh? Have you not noticed that that phrase (war on a "strategy") went out with George Bush, Dick Cheney and the other pro-torture fear mongers?

    You can't fight a war on "sneak attacks" or on "vandalism" or a war on "kamikazes." These things do not exist out there on there own.

    Now Kellmeyer's muddled point seems to be that the middle east is not full of Arabs or that Muslims cannot be Arabs or that the Arab spring is not really the overthrow of dictators, because that does not fit into his fear of Muslims as the great hobgoblin to be afraid of. The right wing effectively told the country that the sky was falling for eight years, and they believed it enough to reelect Bush in 2004. Let us hope with Bin Laden gone, we can get away from allowing a fear of a few radicals in Afghanistan caves direct our entire foreign policy.
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