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Epicurean Liberal-Progressivism

Liberal-progressives, in effect, are saying eat, drink, stay drunk.  Forget about future generations, or even about tomorrow.  Just keep imbibing and you may be able to stay intoxicated forever, without having to pay for it.

Read Mark Steyn’s thoughts about the national debt ceiling.

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  1. I believe Steyn is the fellow who subs for Limbaugh and tries to be even crazier. The analogy is poor. Steyn forgets that much of this debt and the economic trouble we are in is fallout from two trillion in war expenses that George Bush incurred "off the books." The wars he started are continuing to bleed our finances and the economic meltdown he passed on to Obama is only gradually receding.

    The Tea Party folks are now threatening not to allow the country to make the payments on the obligations incurred by Bush - in the name of prudence and austerity.

    This is just more of Grover Nyquist's dream of drowning government in the bathtub.

    I can't wait for the conservatives to nominate Donald Trump so we can see some real leadership on the right.
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  2. Mr. Jay, I do not believe that your assertions are accurate. Our Savior Obama has added more debt, presently and over the future under his programs, than any other president.
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  3. There really appears to be little difference between Obama and Bush--except Bush made a couple great Supreme Court appointees, spent a little less money, and engaged in less strong arm twisting. Obama has endorsed and escalated the wars in the Middle East and is even now killing thousands of Libyans.

    Mr. Jay's comments are always the same on every subject that threatens America--either correctly or incorrectly he says Bush did it too. That is not a rational approach to solving our problems. America has been on a spending binge under all presidents for 100 years--ever since the Progressive Movement first sought to pander to the public by offering something for nothing. The solution, just the same as for your family finances,is to just spend less than your income. A fourth grader can understand such simple arithmetic!
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/30  at  09:09 PM
  4. Bill and Thomas,

    Part of that fourth grade arithmetic could be the following story problem:

    Georgie has a country which is wallowing in debt from his excess Iraqi spending habits. Which of the following actions should he take to get his budget back in the black?

    a) Give his rich friends 700 billion in tax cuts?

    b) Reduce the staff at the IRS so they can do fewer audits?

    c) Have Congress pass an unfunded drug benefit program that will cost billions?

    d) Get the country bogged down in wars in the middle east but put the costs of the wars "off the budget?"

    e) All of the above.
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  5. little "b" sounds good; plus a couple not on list:

    accross the board cuts on all spending and major reduction of regulatory burdens that are driving manufacturing and service jobs out of the country.
    Posted by bill greene  on  05/03  at  08:50 PM
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