The View From 1776

California Leads the Lemming Launch

California politicians, schools, and, astonishingly, venture capitalists are leading the nation from firm ground to a leap into oblivion.

Read George Gilder’s essay, The California Green Debauch.

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  1. In this pro-oil screed, Gilder defends the payment of tax subsidies to this oil industry, which include Exxon, a company which made more profit last year than any other company in the world.

    If you asked Joe Taxpayer whether he would like to dig deeper into his jeans to pay more taxes so that Exxon can pay less taxes, can you guess what his answer would be?

    Your blogger tops this foolishness with,

    "The bad news in this story is that half of the new Republican congressmen are not climate change skeptics."

    After this incredible winter -- which is following the warmest year on record -- one would think that the group of people who do not admit that our climate is changing would be too embarrassed to say so out loud.
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  3. Being here in ca I agree. They will only stop borrowing when the bond market shuts them off..but does anyone expect someone to vote to end their foodstamps or free meds?
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