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Eric Hobsbawm: Student Model Failed Revolutionary

Dogged faith that intellectuals can create heaven on earth by destroying existing society is the sort of mythology that gave us the Obama administration’s reprise of Weather Underground’s 1969 Days of Rage.  The Obama-Pelosi-Reid revolutionary scourge aimed to revive the murderous campaign of Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, and their fellows to propel the United States, irretrievably, the last few miles into a socialistic command economy. 

The Democrat-Socialist Party, oblivious to real-world experience, remains enthralled by the hallucination impelling socialist icon Eric Hobsbawm.  Hobsbawm’s unwillingness or inability to let fact and experience override his secular religious faith is an essential characteristic of our liberal-progressive variant of socialism.

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  1. "In [Eric Hobsbawn's] perspective, the 'chief effect' of the disappearance of a system that killed 100M people, triggered a nuclear arms race, and imposed dictatorship and terror on a billion souls is this: The capitalist democracies of the West and the rich who rule them no longer have the Soviet empire to check their predatory designs. 'The world may yet regret', Hobsbawm concludes, 'that faced with Rosa Luxemburg's [false dichotomy] alternative of socialism or barbarism, it decided against socialis.' In this view, capitalism -- the system that under-pins the democracies of the West and has raised the living standards of billions of human beings, many millions to levels that only royalty enjoyed in the past -- is 'barbarism'." --- David Horowitz 2004 _Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left_ pg63

    This book contains many more gems and revelations.
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