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Dennis Prager on Judeo-Christian Values: Part VI

The liberal-socialist illusion of social betterment.

Dennis Prager, in Liberal Feeling vs Judeo-Christian Values: Part VI, delineates the lack of substance in the so-called values of liberal-socialism.  Social justice sounds worthy to callow youth and to adult worshippers at the altar of secular socialism, but there is no there there.  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Mr. Prager is a Jewish theologian, but as he has pointed out several times in earlier essays, while the United States was founded as a Christian nation, its founding moral principles are common to religious Jews and Christians alike. 

Alexis de Tocqueville observed in 1831-32 when he travelled throughout the United States that the great difference between the representative democracy of this nation and the theoretical freedoms of socialist France was religion.  France was officially secular, while the Americans were more religious than any other nation on earth.  The practical effect was that American citizens started from a personal moral stance that led them, in their daily lives, to temper self-interest with charitable duties to others and, in political life, to restraint of central authority and preservation of personal and economic liberty.  In France, with no official obeisance to religion or morality, the collectivized government was unrestrained in its powers, while the public was willing to tolerate any degree of despotism, so long as citizens received their handouts from the government.

Tocqueville concluded that, for a people to hold political liberty, it was necessary for them to be religious and moral; without religion they were fitted only to be slaves. 

Today, after seventy years of socialism imposed by New Deal state-planning, we have become a nation of slaves to Federal benefits programs, in direct ratio to the spread of secular socialism in our educational system.  Most Americans alive today have never lived in a free society of the sort created by the Constitution in 1787.

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