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Democrat-Socialists are determined to find means for reducing the elderly population.  For these secular socialists, life has no Divine origin.  The political state, expressed in a soulless bureaucratic catechism, is the only appropriate objective of worship.  If it’s old (and that includes people), it’s to be rejected by the New Left smart set.

As Cal Thomas observes, Democrat-Socialists figuratively already have taken the first steps toward the gas ovens.

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  1. The health bill provides funding for patients to discuss with their doctors their very real end of life concerns. Cal Thomas implies there is a sinister aspect to these discussions.

    Perhaps he thinks that if he does not talk about death, or draw up a will, that will prevent his dying.

    Unfortunately, nearly all of us are fated to die eventually (Cal Thomas excepted). Do you want to lie in a hospital bed with tubes in you for years? Or would you like to have the option to chose another option?

    By not talking about it, you do not make reality go away. In drawing up a "living will" you are perfectly free to specify that all measures should be taken to prolong your life - more power to you!

    But you should have the decency to allow others to make other choices, if they so desire.
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  2. J.Jay:
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  3. And nobody has done a damned thing to stop this kenyan in two years. I guess once they're in office we're helpless. That goes against what we've been led to believe and since it's not been tested we're sitting here with our thumbs where the sun don't shine.

    We've let the media convince us we're at their mercy. Why don't we start with drop kicking the propaganda dispenser in our living room. Everyone doesn't have children to prevent that and you'd be surprised how many alternatives there are to paying to be insulted and lied to. Buy or rent a lot of dvd's for the price of a television hookup.

    We're not helpless and we don't need to resort to drastic measures. Just start thinking in ways we have not been conditioned to behave by the same jerks that want to make us slaves.

    If it starts hitting the bottom line you can be sure the greedy will follow the money.
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