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More On Outsourcing Jobs

The either-or choice is not outsourcing or no outsourcing.

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  1. Yes, he should get rid of the artificially set in place federal government incentives to out-source (domestically and across borders) and to off-shore.

    It has nothing to do with "fixed pies", but with capital and intellectual property (knowledge).

    They were already making more than 3% growth in domestic investments before the off-shoring explosion started during the Nixon admin. And they're already thinking of themselves as non-US executives, just as many immigrant academics think of themselves as non-US, or even pan-national researchers with no compunction about conveying US defense secrets to those who threaten us. Well, if they don't want to be US citizens, exile them, but keep the US capital in the USA.

    At the same time, federal government grants for R&D have been soaring, though some academics complain that there's been a shift from "basic research" to research on product development. (Greenberg has a better grasp of that than I do; for me it's like wrestling with quicksand.)

    US executives have poured billions of dollars, and much US-invented and US-made capital equipment and intellectual property into Red China and India, expecting to reap huge returns because of their over-population. After several decades, they're finally making some annual profits. There are, however, no figures on whether there's been a net gain over all that time. I expect that, if they keep dumping US employees and moving more intellectual capital out of the USA that they will eventually make that net profit... (Prestowitz _3G New 'Capitalists'_) while, as they refuse to invest in their US citizen employees and capital equipment, the USA crumbles (Edwin S. Rubenstein 2009-01-12 "The Twin Crises: Immigration and Infrastructure" _The Social Contract_).

    The UK has initiated measures to reduce their excessive immigration.$21386469.htm
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