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Obama’s Dangerously Racist Justice Department

The Washington Post, no less, confirms that Obama’s quashing investigation of Black Panther thuggish intimidation of Philadelphia voters was the handiwork of Democrat/Socialist Party political appointees.

Justice, in the Obama administration’s eyes, apparently means that only minorities are entitled to protection of constitutional rights and legislative safeguards against racist discrimination.

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  1. I had to read the piece twice to find any reference to the Black Panthers. The words, "Black Panthers" did appear, but there was no mention of "thuggish intimidation of Philadelphia voters."

    As I recall, in 2008 an individual with a night stick was (properly)removed by the police from the front of a polling place.

    Is your implication that this was more than a one person public disturbance event? Some sort of systematic, country wide conspiracy?

    Was it similar to the well publicized occurrence where Tea Party members come to Obama political rallies armed with sidearms pistols to defend their "2nd amendment rights?" Talk about intimidation!
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  2. Read this article from the Philadelphia Bulletin:

    Just as Juan Williams is alarmed by the presence of Muslims when boarding an airplane, many white voters would be frightened by the presence of black men in Black Panther uniforms standing in front of a polling place door, one brandishing a night stick.

    They obviously weren't there to assist black voters. The only rational conclusion was that they were there to intimidate white voters.

    Even Jesse Jackson said that, if he were walking alone and saw several young men following him, he would be relieved if there were whites, not blacks.

    But, of course, you know all of this and are just posting your usual straw-man flippery.
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  3. My point was that this was a one-person violation of proper conduct, which was promptly corrected by the local police department. It was a one time anomaly. It was not some nation-wide conspiracy by hoards of BLACK MUSLIMS to frighten white voters.

    In contrast, the Tea Party militants, showing up to political rallies with side arms and inflammatory signs are NOT confined to a single event, but appear to be, at least for now, the wide spread basis of the conservative movement.
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