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Liberal-Progressive Critique of D’Sousa’s Analysis

Columbia University’s Journalism Review blog spews invective without addressing the substance of Dinesh D’Sousa’s cover article in Forbes Magazine.  The Columbia staff writer assumes, it appears, that anyone questioning Obama’s political mindset is ipso facto a racist or an idiot whose views can be dismissed out of hand.

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  1. The D'Sousa article is another thinly veiled attempt to label Obama as "the other" and borders on racism.

    The idea that somehow Obama is genetically expressing the heritage of his father's native continent in this administration's policies would be comical, were it not for the fact that it reinforces the birther line.

    And what is this sudden defense of "Colonialism?" Is this now part of the Tea Party agenda - "Go therefore and colonize all nations!"

    There was a time when Anti colonialism was considered a virtue. Our Founding Fathers were about as anti-colonial as they come.
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  2. Mr. Jay:

    No one alleged any genetic connection with regard to anti-colonialism. But there is no disputing the fact that Obama the son journeyed to Kenya to learn more about his familial and cultural heritage, which inescapably included his father and his father's cultural, political, and economic views.

    Add to it the student radicalism of the 1960s and the president's identification with Saul Alinsky's European-style socialist street agitation, both heavily invested with a sense of black and Hispanic community entitlement to the fruits of whitey's labor. Perhaps you see the majority's resentment to that as racism.

    Most of us in upstate New York harbor the same sort of resentment against socialistic dominance of the state's politics and economic affairs by socialist-to-the-core New York City. We are resentful about it, whether New York City is run by blacks, whites, or Hispanics. It's the policies, not the people who push them, that anger us.

    You are employing the "fact-twisting innuendo" attributed to Mr. D'Sousa by Mr. Chittum. How is it racist to acknowledge what the president has written himself regarding his African heritage? Anti-colonialism is not racism, nor does attributing it to someone make the attributor a racist.

    I challenge you to find anything in what I have written that is a defense of colonialism.

    It's true that our War of Independence can be termed anti-colonial, but that is not one of the points under discussion, apart from Mr. Chittum's irrelevant observation.

    The fact that our founders were opposed to the colonial rule of George III and Parliament in no way counters the allegation that President Obama's mindset is rooted in anti-colonial socialism, a very different sort of anti-colonialism. Mr. Obama's record in office shrieks antagonism toward capitalistic individualism and a heart and soul belief in socialism's collectivist redistribution of income and wealth.

    Colonial leaders in 1776 sought to preserve (i.e., conservatism) the system of self-government that had developed in the thirteen colonies during the preceding century and a half. Democrat/Socialists led by President Obama are doing everything within their power to restructure our economic and social institutions and to impose the most tyrannical degree in our history of micro-management control by Washington bureaucrats.
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  3. thanks for that review
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  4. The founding generation was fighting against mercantilism and state sponsored commercial monopolies. An early form of corporatism where the zero sum thinking so common to 'liberal' economics today was the prevailing belief system. Counter productive tax policies in service to the empire and clients of the empire who were in constant conflict with the other imperial power were also ridiculous and justified by those mistaken economic beliefs. What kind of individuals, who presume to know better than collective yet decentralized wisdom of markets, have the arrogance to believe that the coercive power belongs in their hand? Imperial powers, progressives and contemporary 'liberals' immediately come to mind.

    The similarities with the current mess created by the attachment to modern mercantilism or 'vulgar keynesianism' is striking. The modern left is ideologically retrograde with more in common with imperial Britain than the earliest Americans.

    Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, our first 'progressives' in power were also our first imperialists! Will wonders never cease? If modern 'liberals' had any brains or at least a tenuous connection to the past they'd be a long term threat to the well-being of this country rather than the cyclical, nit-picking nuisances they've become.

    To paraphrase one of your in-house 'liberals', "There was a time when opposition to the economic policies of the colonial powers was considered a virtue."
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  5. Tom(s):

    Thanks for your detailed and thoughtful (although somewhat illogical, in my humble opinion) responses.

    I appreciate your upstate anger at what you see is the seething pot of sin sucking away at your tax dollars in NYC. (I suppose you could go back to Connecticut, if things get too bad!)

    I am thinking that if indeed the level of antipathy is as high in your region as you suggest, perhaps Carl Paladion may have a good chance at becoming governor, in spite of his being unfaithful to his wife (only recently admitting fathering a child with another woman), and his forwarding of unspeakably racist emails to his friends. He spends most of his time "BEING ANGRY" at the liberals and the press, and is proud of it. There seems to be a lot of this going around - anger as a substitute for thought.

    But back to the point.

    In spite of all the surmise, what concrete action of Obama's do you take as evidence of his putative "Anti-colonialism?"
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  6. Yo, JJ, I know you are challenged but c'mon! How dumb can you be? I know, very. Get over the 'party' nonsense. They're both moronic. They know who signs their checks.
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