The View From 1776

What Makes Obama Tick

Dinesh D’Sousa suggests that it’s the anti-colonialism that President Obama absorbed from his late father, an orientation that accounts for the president’s antipathy toward our nation’s history and founding ethos.

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  2. Obama reflects the cultural relativity of today's intellentsia who believe all cultures are equally praiseworthy--except, of course, the U. S. which is inferior! The extreme lack of logic in such a self-contradictory position seems to escape their abstract conceptual thinking processes. That is why intellectuals should never be given any authority, especially in governmental matters.

    America was built on common sense, a love of country, and a respect for its unique institutions which ensured freedom and opportunity for all.

    As Walter Berns writes,
    "Our lot is to be the one essential country, 'the last, best hope of earth,' and this ought to be acknowledged, beginning in our schools and universities, for it is only then that we can come to accept the responsibilities attending it."

    (From the Preface of "Making Patriots," The University of Chicago Press, 2002)

    NOTE-I like how D'Souza makes it clear that Rousseau is a poster boy for the intellectual philosopher soft-scientist types of the mis-named "Enlightenment" period who are helping make our successful nation collapse.
    Posted by bill greene  on  09/20  at  09:26 AM
  3. It is amazing to me that Conservatives have adopted this latest nonsense from D'Sousa as holy writ and exposes the moth-eaten nature of their thought processes.

    Accusing Obama of having "anti-colonial" tendencies puts him in pretty good company (George Washington, Tom Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and others who had a good "view from 1776.")

    And as to the sinister Islam religion trying to convert the entire world to its religion, it may be instructive to contrast that with Matthew 28:18, where Christ instructs his followers to:

    "Go therefore into all the world and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you."

    Sounds a lot like a message to convert the entire world to Christianity, doesn't it?
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  4. Mr. Jay:

    Comparing Jesus's commandment to go forth and preach the Gospel to armed conquest, slaughter,and enslavement by Muslim armies is beyond ridiculous.
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  8. Holly rites reel nice. Maibe shge can do my skhool paper for me- She makes more cents than Obama and that Jay guy, tho I do like the way he refers to Islam as "sinister,"
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  10. Thomas,

    You are right that you cannot compare the commandment in Matthew to actions of the followers of Islam. That is not a parallel comparison.

    The parallel is to compare the Crusades to the actions of Islamic extremists, (both bloody affairs) or compare the Koran to the Bible.
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  11. "The parallel is to compare the Crusades to the actions of Islamic extremists"

    Even with this comparison Islam comes out second best. The Islamic extremists, with their wanton killing of innocents for no apparent reason other than pure hatred and terror, accomplsh nothing and debase their Faith.

    The Crusades were quite different: An attempt to restore the rights of Christians and Jews to territory taken from them by the Muslims. The region in question had been home to both Christians and Jews for many centuries before Mohammed founded Islam by conquest and seized the Holy Lands of his opponents.
    Posted by bill greene  on  09/27  at  04:34 PM
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