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Obamacare Pushes Healthcare Costs Higher

A Wall Street Journal article in the September 8, 2010, edition reports that the Federal government’s own analysis rebuts cost-saving claims by Democrat-Socialist leaders.  Healthcare cost increases are projected to be almost 40% higher in 2014 under Obamacare than they would have been without it.

Read excerpts below, if you are not an online subscriber to the Journal.

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  1. Here in Colorado my colleagues and I debate whether Republicans can win back Congress in the November election. We all agree they will take back the House and a few of us believe Democrats will lose their Senate majority. With Republicans back in power they will surely bring a repeal bill to ObamaCare to the presidents desk. However, only a few of us believe Republicans will gain enough of a majority this Fall to over ride a certain presidential veto.
    Posted by WestminsterDentist  on  09/09  at  05:19 PM
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  4. Dear Westminister D.

    Even if the Republicans manage to gain a majority in the House, how do you think they would even get a bill past the 60 vote cloture, that the Republicans have used so poisonously (and effectively) this year? So, the veto pen would not even need to come out.

    Besides, contrary to the "accepted wisdom" of the Tea Party, most Americans believe that Health Care Reform was a good thing.
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