The View From 1776

Obamanomics Still Mired In The 1930s

Even socialist Europe has abandoned simplistic Keynesian “pump priming.”

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  1. it's getting kind of stupid. The mythology and the nostalgia (nostalgic for what exactly, tyranny, statism?) are what's important. What would the crazy left (demos and repubs) have without the mythology? Nothing. They miss things that never were. Utopian numbskulls.
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  3. Unemployment situation is certainly beginning to resemble the glory days of FDR, the new deal, the brain trust, NRA, the court packing scheme, Alger Hiss and Wickard v Filburn. One could go on and regarding the utter banality of that era's stupidity, hubris and arrogance but why bother? Ah! The best of the left!
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  4. The Great Depression technically didn't end until 1945 when Congress *shock* cut spending. Gee willickers! Maybe we should learn from the past instead of making the same mistakes. Of course, this all depends on the competency level of those who are in power; unfortunately it seems like the incompetent rule the day at this point.

    Lawmakers who can't even negotiate good rates when traveling abroad should probably not be decision makers.
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