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The Renewable Electricity Standard Is a Hoax, a Fraud, and a Rip-Off

Read S. Fred Singer’s essay.

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  1. Fred is out of step with the rest of the scientific community.

    Did you by chance catch the news that a piece of Greenland ice shelf, the size of three Manhattans, just broke off and is floating around?

    How is the temperature at your house this summer? Feel any warmer? Did you read about the wheat fields in Russia going up in flames?

    Professor Singer says CO2 can't be a "pollutant" because you can breathe it. This is a silly syntactical argument of thatignores the issues.
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  2. When you generate electricity with your solar panels in this state, the utility buys it from you at the wholesale price. When you turn on a light bulb, they sell your very same electrons back to you at the retail price.

    The bills in question would require the utilities to buy solar generated power at retail to encourage the increase of non-oil powered electrical generation.

    If you would rather sent billions of petro dollars to the Saudis, our friends who took down the World Trade Center, then I suppose working to break the oil addiction makes you uncomfortable.
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  3. Update!

    Latest reports indicate that the chunk of ice that broke off of Greenland is actually more than FOUR times the size of Manhattan.
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  4. If you are only concerned with the thinking of those 'in step...', you are not interested in science. In fact, you are confused as to the very nature of science or critical thinking. You should stay away from science and focus on things like phrenology, astrology or keynesianism as well as other areas which have little to do with a search for objective reality. Stay with the 'isms'. That's about all you can handle since the 'isms' do your thinking for you.
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  6. So what you're saying is that wind and solar power is more desirable than nuclear power? Gad, you people make me sick.

    Nuclear is the only option at this point. Go look at France. Its all Nuclear power. If you aren't using nuclear, its because you live in fear and like to waste money on dying industries.

    The big solution requires us to stop selling electricity to other markets until our demand is satisfied, then tack on the world market premium. Sure, its regulation, but it makes sense to take care of your own first, then any excess should go to others.

    This can, and is/was, applied at local levels first, then regional levels, then state levels, then national levels, and finally international levels. Its very reasonable to ask local providers to supply a market locally first, then, if there is excess, supply a broader market.

    This is probably de-regulation's biggest problem. It doesn't take care of the people who paid to put the public infrastructure there in the first place and, coupled with privatization, was really just a vehicle to help governments stave off the reckoning day of debt that has come.
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