The View From 1776

A Pox On Both Houses

Both Republicans and Democrat/Socialists have failed to address the necessity for reforming our tax system and making it as permanent and stable as possible. 

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  1. Taxing income in a constitutional manner would preempt the tendency toward vote buying under the guise of 'social engineering'. Subsistence is not income. There would be no commercial activity if it were. Discriminating among groups based on arbitrary criteria is contrary to the spirit of the constitution and the organic law upon which it is based regardless of the ruling of various federal, i.e self-interested, courts. The purpose of the free economy is not to serve the state but to serve the participants in the free economy. The purpose of the state is to serve the productive economy at the lowest possible cost. Currently it seems to be assumed that the 'interests' of the central state are somehow superior to the interests of the people who fund the central state. That belief as fostered by the central, administrative and bureaucratic state is based on fraud, fear and cultivated ignorance. It would be wise to keep these simple facts in mind as the current system unwinds/implodes.
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  2. The raising or lowering of taxes is no longer the biggest problem for business. It is the 400% higher than tax paid, tax compliance cost for about 90% of our businesses (1 million in assets or less) and the lack of stability in our tax code and economic and monetary policy.

    You have seen nation with higher taxes that are competing or close to competing in the global economy but, they have a much simpler tax code that doesn't waste in tax compliance that has to be added to the price of goods and services.

    Yes, tax reform with a simple tax that isn't hidden in prices, would mean more tax revenues and yet, a lower price on the shelf. But, neither party is willing to really tackle this. Instead, both parties keep adding more tax lines to the 17,000 page tax code.
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