The View From 1776

Cause And Effect

We now have definitive proof in the economy’s anemic drift that Obama’s Keynesian economic counsellors’ buoyant predictions of quick unemployment relief and rejuvenation of business activity were miles wide of the mark.  In fact, Keynesian remedies have exacerbated our economic problem.

See Jennifer Depaul’s article on the Fiscal Times website.



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  1. Again, not defending Keynes but, we are not even following him. We used the money, not for economic spending but mostly to bail out the banks and GM and AIG and even foreign banks and to buy MBS and other junk. Both parties have done this. Also, both parties have upped spending on defense and while that employs millions of people, it is still a drain on the private sector, not a boost to it so it could pay for the government we have.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  07/31  at  03:11 PM
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