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The Blame Game

The White House has gotten into the habit of blaming everything on Republicans. Nowhere is that more evident

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    We're not surprised. It's in the grand tradition of political bad-mouthing to claim the opposition is heartless and hateful. But the president forgets: It was the Democrats who insisted on a new system for budgeting, to make sure the deficit didn't grow. Republicans, in fact, support the $34 billion extension of jobless benefits; they just want Congress to find an equivalent amount in cuts, as required by the Democrats' own rules.

    ...Democrats passed a "Pay-Go" law requiring that any added spending would be offset with cuts.

    Cut Defense, Medicare, S.S., Homeland Security, Education, Medicaid, Energy Dept., etc. a few billion each and it is paid for.

    We have to cut $1.6 trillion eventually, or the nation's currency will collapse and so will government's ability to fund anything.

    The workers paid in for 26 weeks of benefits. This is simply welfare in a different format. Let them go on welfare and up the budget for it but, you still need to cut spending in other places.
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  2. Except that the left will claim, first, that the federal government debt requires higher and higher taxes, then that it will require cut-backs at USPS, the national park service, border patrol. When they threaten the gray-haired set with cuts in Medicare and Socialist Insecurity depends on how they gauge the response. In any event, they'll pick the cuts people most oppose first.

    In some circles, it's called the Washington Monument gambit, which is used by the national park service whenever they're not getting as much of an increase as they'd like. Since the WM is the most popular tourist draw in DC, it quickly stirs up expressions of dismay to the congress-critters and the spending and taxing and debt continue.

    "We shall tax & tax, and spend & spend, and elect & elect." --- Harry L. Hopkins, admin of WPA as reported by Baltimore Sun 1938-10-14, and NY Times 1938-11-10

    "Now, get this through your head. We're going to spend & spend & spend, and tax & tax & tax, and re-elect & re-elect & re-elect, until you're dead or forgotten." --- Harry L. Hopkins, admin of WPA as reported by Evening Star 1938-11-09
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  3. As to "doing nothing"...

    "The reason that legislatures tend to do nothing is that they faithfully reflect what a majority of their constituents really want: to be left in peace." --- Richard Neely WV Supreme Court

    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." --- Edmund Burke b: 1729 d: 1797 b: 5489 d: 5557 (source:

    "Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that doesn't hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous." --- Will Rogers

    "Strategy is the craft of the warrior. This is the way for men who want to learn my strategy:
    * Do not think dishonestly.
    * Know the ways of all professions.
    * Distinguish between gain & loss & worldly matters.
    * Develop intuitive judgment & understanding for everything.
    * Perceive those things which cannot be seen.
    * Pay attention even to trifles.
    * Do nothing which is of no use." --- Miyamoto Musashi (quoted in Chuck Norris 1996 _The Secret Power Within_ pg 103)

    "In many counries -- perhaps most countries -- the establishment of law & order over large regions was a long & arduous process. Yet those who today advocate that gov't's economic role is to preserve the essential frame-work of law & order, leaving more specific economic decisions to the market-place, are accused of saying that gov't should 'do nothing' -- even though (1) it took centuries to accomplish what is today called 'nothing' & (2) that 'nothing' has brought wide-spread economic benefits to great numbers of human beings. The economic importance of law & order is demonstrated not only by the differing facility of attracting capital & immigration into areas where it is less established or better established, but also by comparison of the economic performances of different groups to be more subject to a reliable frame-work of law & order than are other groups." --- Thomas Sowell 1994 _Race & Culture_ pg 122

    "To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy." --- Hippocrates (quoted in Alexandra Stoddard 1995 _The Art of the Possible_ pg 112)
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  4. Well, it looks like unemployment benefits will be renewed, with little or no help from the conservatives who view such benefits as the public dole - to be accepted only by scoundrels and wastrels.
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  5. Not because of that but because the democrats promised Paygo would be the standard. This disagreement has been over funding, not extending the benefits per-se and the democrats are definitely wrong on this. They are no following their own commitment to Paygo and cutting spending elsewhere. Why aren't they doing what they promised.

    The unemployed would go on welfare and food programs just like before when state benefits of 26 weeks expired. It isn't like they wouldn't have some basic needs met. They would be on the public dole then too. Any extension of benefits put the nation at greater risk of a currency collapse due to higher deficits that extending vs. welfare creates.

    We are a bankrupt nation and can't even afford welfare, let alone other social safety nets. At what point do we face that reality and stop funding all social programs and safety nets until we have dropped to where we don't add debt to fund them?

    I believe the government won't stop until the collapse forces them to and then it will be much worse because many of the programs will get zero funding (in buying power if nothing else). Remember there is no way out even according to the President's own "Debt Commission."

    If you have been listening to Bernanke's testimony then you know that cities and states will be laying off hundreds of thousands. How do we pay for their unemployment benefits when the states don't have any money left for them and have to borrow from the Federal government even before extended benefits from the FED might kick in?

    We are not getting out of this without a depression and delaying will collapse the dollar and cause even millions more to suffer the loss of government aid.
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