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Hope For Education?

New York Times pseudo-conservative columnist David Brooks has nice things to say about the administration’s educational policy initiatives.

Unfortunately, no matter what Obama says, the Democrat/Socialist Party in Congress, allied with liberal RINOs, will resolutely defend the parasitical, soul-destroying teachers’ unions.  We can rest assured that the need to educate our children will not be allowed to interfere with ever-expanding teacher benefits and invulnerability to discharge for incompetence.

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  1. "Allied with the liberal RINOs" presumably refers to Republicans in name only, who are secretly closeted Democrats.

    It would be interesting, Tom, if you could name a few of those whom you think are RINOs.

    It is my impression that all the moderate Republicans have been summarily drummed out of the party, and that the only Republicans left bow in obeisance at the altar or Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

    A well-known MSNBC commentator has a standing invitation to any Republican in congress to come on his show and say publicly that Rush Limbaugh is wrong about what the direction of the party should be. Nobody has responded in two months. Limbaugh remains the effective leader and heart and soul of the Republican Conservative Movement, apparently.
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  2. There are no moderate Democrats, and most are flaming radical leftist extremists, from Baucus and Boxer to Feinstein to Nelson to Pelosi and Reid.

    The trouble is that -- other than a few details of science, on which he admits he is no expert -- Limbaugh is correct, so, of course no one would be willing to go on the radical leftist (and GE and MSFT) organ to say something that is not true. Limbaugh is only a leader in the sense that he's right in the middle of the right main-stream.

    What leftists describe as "moderate" Republicans are merely 5th columnists.
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  3. Igo,

    claiming that GE is a "leftist" corporation is an interesting position. Most large corporations align themselves with the party of big business.
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