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Going Down?

Some climate scientists are now predicting a few decades of global cooling.


It’s not exactly Copenhagen or Kyoto, but the 700 scientists attending the fourth International Conference on Climate Change, sponsored by the Heartland Institute, had some chilling news of their own in the most liberal sense.

“Global warming is over

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  1. There is also a lot of concern about the Icelandic volcanoes. Katla is starting to have earthquakes and that may be a warning of more risk that it could blow.

    This larger volcano could not only cripple air traffic and add to economic woes in Europe, but cause a lot of health issues and crop loss.

    As the gases spread around the world, they could, by next year, even affect crops here as we had happen in 1816 when we had a "year without a summer" and had frost and snow every month in the New England states.

    Global food stockpiles are low and any loss of crops will cause them to fall even faster than they have been.

    We better hope that Katla doesn't erupt. As I have repeatedly stated, we have more to fear from global cooling that can happen in months to a year, than we do from gradual warming over the decades.
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  2. Newsmax Magazine has a special issue on this cooling phenom. with references to the same Chicago gathering as in this post. I think somehwere it was mentioned that 74 scientists presented similar papers at the conference. The following from Newsmax:

    "Newsmax magazine's
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  3. Global cooling? In Exxon's dreams (Exxon is a major contributor to the "Heartland Institute", source of this "news" item.)

    It would be splendid if global warming were "over" as claimed by Mr. Easterbrook. But let us see how hot it is this summer!
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  4. The temperature of summer here or there is not the critical item. It is the temperature of oceans and the trends.

    As we have seen, the ice pack on the Pacific side is above average and the area past where the gulf stream passes over the volcanic active Icelandic region is below average. Now, we know from the thousands of monitors that the oceans haven't been warming on average and we do know that we have just entered the Pacific Cool mode that lasts about 30 years. The Atlantic multi-decadal oscillation may influence it but, it, like the Pacific, has other shorter term oscillations that can impact the overall trend.

    Cooling is much more dangerous than warming due to the crop issue and how fast it can come on.

    In the past cooling trends, daytime or high temperatures were close to normal and sometimes higher. It is the late or early frosts or night time temperatures that are so devastating, as I am sure you have noticed from the article you have read on this.

    Also, you will find that due to the change in the jet stream, an area that was cool, can become very hot and at the same time, the same day, another area that is usually hot, can be much cooler.

    That is why we have to use the technology that is now available to monitor ocean, as well as land temperatures globally and then average them, but ocean temperature are much more important than land as you can see by the melting of the Ice cap north of Norway which is happening faster than the average at the same time the Pacific side is slower.

    We will learn more in the next 5 years, I believe, than in the last 100 about the causes of climate change that is always going on whether man is alive or not. Not once in the history of the earth have we not had changes going on, sometimes warmer, sometimes cooler.

    If we find man is the tipping point, we are doomed. There is nothing the emerging market nations will do that jeopardizes their growth. They are making improvements, don't get me wrong. However, the improvements don't equal the growth in emissions due to population growth and industrial growth. What we get rid of here when we shut down a business, they make up for when that business opens up there.

    Fortunately, global warming is a much slower and long term normal process as we do know that eventually the earth will be consumed by our sun and life will cease whether man speeds it up or not. Cooling on the other hand, leaves life here alright, but, crowded more into the temperate zones with less food.

    I live in Az with 115 degree heat and it isn't too bad. We grow a lot of crops but, at a cost. We have too many people for the water supply that should be used for crops, not Intel or IBM. Man is definitely a terrible planner for the environment, I don't disagree with that. At the same time we are underestimating the power of nature all too often.

    I don't fear warming but, I do fear cooling.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  05/24  at  05:21 PM
  5. Jan,

    Thanks for your thoughtful and cogent response, one that is very close to my thoughts on most points.

    In particular, if we find that man is indeed part of sending the world over the tipping point, I am pessimistic of our ability to come up with corrective actions, principally because the root problem (as you have noted) is one of too many bodies on the planet.

    There appears to be little appetite for self regulation of our population numbers, even if it means overcrowding, resource depletion, and ultimately creating a hell hole to live in.

    Religious, cultural, and macho norms are extremely strong drivers in the urge to procreate, far stronger, it seems than a rational acceptance of the fact that there are limits to growth.
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  6. jj- The cogency is appreciated! You really are a moron. But... Cogent!
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