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Chomsky Beginning To See the Light?

Noam Chomsky’s apparent support for some elements of conservative views is astonishing, given his past record.

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  1. Stefen Kanfer apparently believes that Chomsky "Is the dumbest intellectual." Considering the close to insane ideas held
    by most intellectuals, that would make Chomsky really, really, Mr. Dumbo.

    I use the term "intellectual" as Sowell does in his recent book "Intellectuals and Society." That is, as a description of "those people whose occupations deal primarily with ideas--writers, academics,and the like." They are dealers in ideas, unlike engineers and doctors who apply complex techniques to physical problems.

    Sowell elaborates that, "a policy wonk whose work might be analogized as 'social engineering' will seldom personally administer the schemes that he or she creates or advocates." Thus today's soft-science intellectuals merely conceptualize situations, imagine difficulties, design abstract solutions, and then vigorously fight to convince "other people" to adopt their idea, formalize it into 2,000 page regulations, and then apply the regulations to more "other people." It is customary that the intellectuals who formulate the laws will be exempt from its impact.

    Now, there can be exceptions-- not every single intellectual is totally dumb. Sowell cites Friedman as one of the rare "good" intellectuals. And even some of the worst intellectuals can be right occasionally. Even a stopped clock is right-on twice a day. And, apparently, even "the single-most-worst intellectual," Noam Chomsky, has demonstrated a glimmer of smarts when he criticizes Obama and praises Fox News and Sarah Palin!
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/17  at  12:38 PM
  2. What many in Washington don't understand is that the "good intentions" they base legislation on are in turn, based on flawed economic and monetary theory.

    For example, much of our social program funding is based on a growth model that couldn't be sustained even back in the 60's when the economy matured. They also believed "controlled inflation" would allow the defaults in debt that was touted as the miracle drug for above normal growth, to not become problems.

    Then each time the theories seemed to be revealed to be flawed, they "tweaked" them or changed the data to suit the outcome they sought or just flat out denied their was a problem. This was obvious when Bernanke and others said "subprime is not a problem." "Subprime will not affect the economy." Subprime will not jeopardize the financial system."

    Even today, they are still in denial and instead of reform, we get more debt to solve a problem with too much debt to delay the depression a little longer. OR maybe they don't read the GAO and CBO reports and don't believe one is coming.

    Sadly, the American citizens are the ones that will pay for their mistakes and pay a lot and for a long time.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/18  at  06:03 PM
  3. Jan makes an interesting point about the expert economists that keep adjusting their data and findings to accomodate their theories.

    That sounds a lot like what we are getting from the experts reporting all the alarming facts about Global Warming

    Are they the same people? Or are both groups so enamored with their abstract thinking that they have abandoned any semblance of common sense?
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/19  at  09:05 AM
  4. Bill, speaking of global warming

    The Arctic had one extra month of cooling (March) this year. That has, at least for now, almost returned the sea ice to the normal trend line. On this link are two graphics. One a chart and one an image of sea ice coverage. Click on either for a larger view.

    There is also concern the volcano erupting in Iceland, if it continues, could cause cooling and crop damage. It would take a year for the cloud of SO2 that does the cooling to reach us but, Europe and Russia could be affected this year.

    This would be made worse in neighboring Katla erupts has it has in the past when this other volcano erupts.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/19  at  09:30 AM
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