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Perspective On Obamacare

Read George Shadroui’s assessment.

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  1. Not quite. The throw away line in the piece regarding 'the right' playing shocked by the raw politics is off the mark. In reality folks are shocked by the rather unique level of misinformation being spewed by supporters. A new level of political bs in service to grabbing unwarranted power. Could make one a little cynical. Whats even more 'shocking' is the nearly complete lack of any feeling for fiduciary responsiblity to the folks who pay the bills. Criminal behavior. (In the private sector anyway.)
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  2. The reason the Right is sinking further into obscurity is that their diatribes do not correspond very closely to reality.

    In this post, Shadroui says (re: the recently passed healthcare bill),

    "If we protest the passage of the greatest expansion of government power in American history..."

    The bill that was passed is actually a center-of-the-road measure containing hundreds of provisions suggested by Republicans, and is almost a mirror copy of the bill put forward and passed in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney, the putative Republican presidential standard bearer.

    We have before us the delightful specter of Mitt, now furiously backpedaling, trying to find minute differences between his Massachusetts Health Bill and the Obama measure to prove his bone fides to Glen Beck, the Tea Party and the WSJ.
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  3. The big problem is that a bankrupt nation can't afford the perfect plan let alone this one. While my family will personally see some benefits, those benefits will be short lived. When the coming depression hits, all social programs will be hit and nobody depending on help from the government will be adequately served.

    What part of "unsustainable" that the GAO keeps warning Congress of, don't the people understand. Even the CBO that came up with the numbers used for this and other plans, says their projections are way too optimistic because they can't factor in the real world into their models. Here are some of the things the CBO says.

    CBO report
    The Long-Term Budget Outlook

    page 15

    The systematic widening of budget shortfalls projected under CBO
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  4. Another thing that disturbs me about the bill is how they handle the money they are taxing to get for the 2014 start up. When I heard they were going to "save" for 4 years to pay for this bill, I had a bad feeling so I read the bill's portion about how that money would be handled.


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  5. I can't think of anything about the Dingell, Baucus, Reid, Pelosi bills that wasn't totally, outrageously, unconstitutional, and aimed at making health care in the USA worse.

    Yes, reform was needed, to reverse the perverting, unconstitutional federal interventions of the last century. Now, much more reform is needed even more.
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