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Misguided Educational Policies

Obama’s Secretary of Education is grandstanding, at a cost to taxpayers of $103 million, rather than focusing on the real source of sub-par performance by black and Hispanic students.

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  1. Surprise! Surprise! Obama's School "Reform" is gonna be a lot like his health care "Reform." More government, more regulations, more taxes, and more failure.

    The posts correctly show that the education/schools program is a double problem--both caused by the advocates of big government and their special interest lobbies.

    1- Teachers' Unions will resist change, minimize useful education in their monopoly schools, maximize political indoctrination, and maintain their chains on the Democratic Party. The Demagogues in the Democratic Party will reward this bad behavior by the unions in return for their continued exclusive political support.

    2- The liberal advocates of Ever-Expanding Welfare policies will continue to reward the bad behavior of individuals, undercut religion and two-parent familes, and destroy the personal responsibility and work ethic of Americans. The coddled victims and the broken homes will produce more and more uneducable children who will either drop out of school or stay and disrupt the classrooms. But, the pork and dole will continually escalate to gain an increasingly dependent bloc of voters.

    The errors of those advocates go beyond a well-meaning but impossibly utopian dream of a better future. Their errors of thinking are compounded by the corruption of power, obedience to unions' self interest, and their misplaced support of the least positive voices within the Black community. They simply pander to anyone who can be bought.

    Such pandering by demagogues has never been rare in politics. What makes the current situation critical is that the extremists in office are fueled not only by their lust for high office and the opportunity to exert power, but are blinded by an intellectual and atheistic hatred of religion, free enterprise, and patriotism. The Tammany Hall, Huey Long and Chicago machines were bad, but they only wanted to line their own pockets--they were not out to destroy the nation in order to prove some ideological theories.
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/22  at  11:26 AM
  2. Mr. Greene

    How does religion play a part in having two parent family, personal responsibility and good work ethic?
    Lots of people are not religious but they raise good productive children, stay married and work hard. Furthermore they do not want big government or coddle victims and send their kids to schools with kids who disrupt classrooms.
    The non religious do not want this liberal entitlement programs anymore than you do. Why can't religion be separate from politics?
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  3. Georgia, I wholly agree with you that religion must be kept separate from politics. And, I do not mean to find fault if someone is simply "not religious." Jefferson is said to have been a deist, which is perhaps another way of saying, "not religious."

    I for one have never been a regular at church, and I have voiced some vigorous complaints about the various church heirarchies. Like all human organizations they are less than perfect. But the Christian Church has been a powerfully positive force in advancing Western Civilization.

    In my book, "Common Genius," there is a 20 page chapter that summarizes "How Religions Have Affected The Growth of Freedom." Compared to all other faiths, Christianity was a boon to Western people. Like Democracy, and our own American government, it has on more than one occasion been corrupt, decadent, and oppressive, but it still has been better than all the alternatives. And Jesus' teachings, with their basic gentle decency, have softened and enriched the hearts of all Western people, whether they went to church or not.

    My comment criticized "atheists" who, per Webster's dictionary, deny the existence of any God other than their own Reason. They have the arrogance to remove the Ten Commandments from public places, believing that what is moral and ethical is simply whatever they decide they want it to be, from time to time, and from one situation to another. Like my famous great-uncle in-law, Wadje Radjewicz once said, "It's not so much that I'm for God, but that I'm terrified of those who would deny Him."

    I suspect you are not an atheist, but rather an agnostic, or deist, perhaps like Jefferson, or even less so. In any case, I suggest that your family and moral principles are based upon the Judeo-Christain precepts that underly America's uniquely "religious" character. It is an atmosphere that has been part of our culture and imbues most of us with its noble character. And in that sense you do not share the ideological hubris of our new elites in Washington, Hollywood, and the major media, who want to eliminate all religious belief.

    Patriotism and religion may seem quaint or superstitious to modern liberated people, but they are a wonderfully moderating, sometimes inspiring, and uncommonly uniting basis for a richer, more meaningful, and ethical life. Do not look down on those who still cling to their guns and faith. They are better stock than the sophisticated and over-educated characters stealing us blind in Washington and Wall Street.
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/22  at  10:47 PM
  4. There isn
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  5. The natural law basis for the American organic law tradition is theistic. Organized religion or 'churches' are separated from the central government. The religious sentiment formed from the judeo/christian tradition was always held to be worthy of encouragement as the foundation for literal self-government and thus the strictly limited nature of the constitutionally defined federal government. Powerful government is not required for a nation of moral individuals capable of regulating their own behavior.Traditional, western religion was always seen to provide that basic, general morality.
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  6. Tom C is wholly correct, but Mr. B is way ahead of us--Just check out The View's long-standing quotation at the top of this page: John Adams' comments to the Mass militia in 1798 underscore the importance of a religious based morality quite elegantly
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/27  at  12:41 PM
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