The View From 1776

Life And Death Costs Of National Healthcare

Read the forewarnings of a Canadian doctor who had to come to the United States for cancer treatment.


Canada’s situation proves you can’t do both, and lives are lost as a result. Give us universal care, and we will all be covered, but all that coverage had better be cost-effective. What care is good enough, and what is too expensive? What is your life worth? Don’t delude yourself. Someone will be deciding, for you, sooner or later.

Cutting expensive care seems very sensible until you or a loved one is the one in need.

...Very soon, rationing care will be part the equation, with decisions made by distant committees that examine not the patient, but the bottom line.

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  1. Overall it is a good move!
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  2. Overall it is a good move!
    Posted by .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  on  03/19  at  09:51 AM
  3. I understand that in order to get two of the needed "Yes" votes today the President had his minions in the Interior Department turn off, then back on, the irrigation water for Central California's farmers.

    There was a snail darter or some such thing in the water that the guv'mint wanted to protect, but when the two local Congessmen's "yes" votes were promised--bye-bye snail darter! When Obama controls healthcare, think of the added manipulative pressure he will be able to exert on those who might need a transplant or by-pass-or even a band-aid.

    Of course, our current excellent health care will be rationed more and more as it comes under government control. But who can doubt that political connections and big "contributions" will still move the "fat cats" to the head of the line. The Organ banks will all have a "reservation" system--if you're too big to fail, or really liberal, welcome--Others need not apply.

    If any of you out there have a "conservative" record I advise: Stay Healthy! I, for one, am finally going to follow my doctor's nagging and lose 5 lbs, limit myself to 2 (or3?) drinks a day, and exercise more. I suspect that I will not be a candidate for affirmative action when it comes to gaining admission to the ICU.

    On the other hand : Since those 5 lbs might be hard to drop, (no more donuts!) maybe as an easier alternative I will just renounce my membership in the NRA and start contributing conspicuous amounts to Acorn, Al Gore, and that Chicago Olympic committee.
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/21  at  06:38 PM
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