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Did Climate “Scientists” Structure Obamacare?

The President believes the crooks who manipulate climate data to present false conclusions, serving their own selfish interests.  Maybe his gullibility extends to lies about the costs of Obamacare.

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  1. This post is nothing more than a rehash of the party of "NO," bankrupt of ideas, again saying that their solution is to start over with a "clean sheet of paper."

    The party of "NO" does not want to have anything pass because they are more interested in giving Obama his "Waterloo Moment" than reforming the current problems.
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  2. Three cheers for Jay's comment: ". . .giving Obama his 'Waterloo Moment.'
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/06  at  05:37 PM
  3. Unprecedented ice in Baltic Sea traps dozens of boats. Ice Breakers working harder than ever in past 25 years as global cooling puts Scandinavian waters in deep freeze. America should use stimulus money to build more ice breakers!

    See latest report from stranded passengers at:
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/08  at  06:32 PM
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