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Green Jobs Destroy Jobs

Read The green jobs myth in the iconic, liberal-progressive Washington Post.

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  1. In my youth, I envisioned what seem now almost magical changes in society and in the world, changes that would alleviate and banish all Earth's sufferings. I knew everything. It was a humbling experience to realize how little the world cared for my two cents. In time, I came to realize that every occupation has its own body of work. Gradually, I began working on what I could change. It's still an uphill task. The idea that a cadre of wet behind the ears wannabe billionaires, led by people like Van Jones, could determine American economic policy, or any policy for that matter is truly shocking. I do what I can:
    Posted by Peggy McGilligan  on  02/28  at  06:31 AM
  2. As the article indicates, job creation is a simple-minded mantra that Obama, like most politicians, wants to claim credit for. Most of these he claims credit for are either non-productive government positions, or ones that displace other jobs, as in the smart meter anecdote.

    The problem is that these big government geniuses do not understand real-world economics. Jobs are only created by entrepreneurs who see an opportunity to produce something consumers will want. In order to stimulate their efforts the best thing government can do is provide a level playing field free of as many regulations, taxes and obstrctions as possible.

    Further, the real benefit from such free competition and the innovations of new small business enterprises comes primarily when they increase productivity. That means they have to reduce the number of "old" jobs so that a task or product is executed at a lower cost--which usually means by a smaller more skilled workforce.

    The history of America's prosperity over the past hundreds of years has been the constant increase in productivity of the workers. Millions of jobs have been lost by the application of improved technologies by our business entities. And that reduction oif jobs has powered our success!

    The smart meter has nothing to with "green" jobs, but everything to do with the productivity gains constantly being applied by our businesses. Every labor saving device, every tractor, materials handling system,every automatic control advanced our prosperity. Every method to reduce scrap, or waste in production processes increased productivity by reducing the consumption of raw materials so such innovations could all be called "green." It's been going on since Fulton's steam engine, or even the Egyptians water lifting devices! Or Fred Flintstone's new and improved "round wheels."

    The mistake is to think "green" instead of efficiency and productivity. Ethanol is a prime example of where the green movement perverts common sense. Using corn instead of gas sounds "green" but actually uses more petroleum to produce than you save by using ethanol. And the total emissions from the tractors etc growing the corn plus the ethanol emissions exceeds the emissions that would come from just using gas power.

    As Rush might say, the greenies are a little "whacko," because they do not understand simple economics, and eschew logic and common sense.

    BTW, Peggy--I am fascinated by your Clinton site--good stuff!
    Posted by bill greene  on  03/05  at  07:17 PM
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