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College Campus Censorship

Organized campaigns to silence dissent and to prevent consideration of opposing views are not confined to global-warming “scientists” and their supporters in the media and among liberal-progressives lusting for the power to control you and me.

Read the assessment by Alan Dershowitz, a highly regarded civil rights lawyer, who tags such action for what it is: subversion of First Amendment rights.

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  1. In my view, Mr. Dershowitz is on target that it is not a good thing when public speakers are shouted down by rowdies in the audience.

    The most recent example of this type of anti-first amendment behavior was on display during the attacks led by former Republican Majority leader Dick Armey. Last summer so-called Tea Party activists widely disrupted town hall meetings of senators and representatives across the country by organized shouting them down.
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  2. "The most recent example of this type of anti-first amendment behavior was on display . . . Last summer so-called Tea Party activists . . . "

    Surely there have been many other examples of "rude behavior" in the political scene since "last summer." If not we have just experienced an unprecedented nine months of good behavior!

    To go back that far in time requires an excellent memory and distinguishes Mr. Jay as more like an elephant than a donkey! Now if we can just get him to change his voter registration. . .
    Posted by bill greene  on  02/26  at  03:32 PM
  3. Bill,

    You are correct that politics these days is full of rudeness (witness conservative Joe Wilson screaming out "You Lie" to the President of the United States in an address to Congress).

    But the shout-downs at town meetings were extraordinary examples of premeditated, orchestrated mob rule not seen in recent history, and which, thank goodness, have abated to some extent recently.
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  4. Politics has always been rude and tough--Free speech and its consequences are the cornerstones of a democracy. As they say, If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

    This post is about the widespread censorship on college campuses of visiting speakers. Statistics reveal that it is very one-sided: the conservative speakers are rarely invited and when they are they are shouted down. The sins against free speech on college venues are overwhelmingly committed by leftists. Anecdotal incidents about Wilson--who was not even on a campus-- are not relevant when the over-all facts in this posting are so clear.

    Now, outside college campuses there is also a greater amount of rudeness displayed by lefties than righties; so over-all, the villains in the "rudeness wars" are those on the Left. For example, the radical lefties have been far "ruder" to Sarah Palin and her family than the conservatives have ever been to any liberal politician.

    I think Dershowitz made a good and nuanced point when he suggested that an occasional brief outburst like Joe Wilson's was not disruptive. Only the organized and coordinated distractions of the many Muslims at his speech went too far--because they prevented the audience from hearing what the speaker had to say.

    In comparison, Joe Wilson's two word offering was brief, relevant, to the point, and in no way prevented the audience from hearing the speech. Plus Joe spoke the truth! Think of it! A politician who can in two words say more and convey more wisdom than the speaker did in an hour of rambling promises and abstractions.
    Posted by bill greene  on  02/28  at  08:03 AM
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