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How the crooks cook the books.

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  1. Whew! Glad you got us the straight climate change dope, Tom, from your expert, Joseph D'Aleo, former college professor at Lyndon State College, and TV weatherman.

    I will be able to sleep tonight, and stop worrying about the Arctic ice cap disappearing, the melting permafrost, and the polar bears dying.

    Who would have thought that all that temperature data, collected for decades, was actually skewed in a nefarious plot to report only from hot spots!

    Boy, oh boy! What those scheming scientists won't do to get another grant!
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  2. Mr. Jay:

    Glad you can admit the scheming thievery of climate "scientists." Your serious devotion to fact is refreshing.

    Professor D'aleo, by the way, has far better credentials than the political propagandists in charge of distorting the IPCC reports. He is, however, not as skilled a liar as Penn State's Prof. Michael Mann.
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  3. This is not news to me. I learned long ago to discount all complex statistical summaries of data. I know from reading the accounts of America's early settlors that it was about as cold then as now. I know from Icelandic history that the coldest recent spell was around a 1300-1700 AD and subsequent warming has been a Godsend. My current concerns are more that our supposedly distinguished leaders inside the beltway will try and deal with the phony global warming issue instead of balancing the budget.
    Posted by bill greene  on  02/01  at  08:05 PM
  4. An interesting item came in the mail yesterday. A bulletin from my daughter's college had an article on a small building beside a campus pond. The "warming house" was beautiful rustic structure, designed and constructed in 1975. Its function was to serve as a place for the students to put on their ice skates and get warm after skating.

    Alas, the building serves now only as a storage barn, because the pond no longer freezes. (This was an article about architecture, and there was no direct reference to "climate change."
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