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Obama’s Priorities

Homeland security apparently isn’t among the president’s priorities.  He’s too busy with a bill of attainder to criminalize legal conduct of CIA agents after the fact.  Socializing the entire economy, of course, remains at the apex of his goals.


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  1. Well, Tom, I guess you and Chuck Krauthammer got it wrong about the Obama Administration treatment of underwear bomber, and wrong in a very big way. I just can't wait to hear you admit it, that is, if you can bring yourself to honestly do so!

    Today's news flash is that Abdulmutallab, the feared underwear bomber, has been singing like a canary to the FBI about all things terrorist -- without the FBI having to resort to pulling out his fingernail, waterboard or otherwise torture him down in Gitmo, as many conservatives recommended.

    Yes, that is right! Today FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told senators at an intelligence committee hearing that Abdulmutallab was giving information to investigators.

    Even after he was read his Miranda rights (to the horror of the Republicans) and was, in conservative parlance "lawyered up," Abdulmutallab saw that he was not facing certain torture or death at the hands of the FBI, he decided to talk. For more than a week he has been providing our security people with truckloads of crucial details of Al Qaeda and his activities and contacts in Yemen. This actionable intel is already being followed up by our people in Yemen.

    In one small footnote to this controversy, it should be noted that Richard Reed, the "Shoe Bomber," was read his Miranda rights by the Bush-Cheney security aparatus FIVE minutes after he was captured. Abdulmutallab was questioned for an hour before his rights were read to him. Also, we have tried and convicted more than 300 terrorists in federal court through the normal justice system (that some of the weak-kneed conservatives do not think is robust enough for the job).
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