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Wall Street and the Global-Warming Scam Artists

The common element between Wall Street bankers and advocates of man-made global warming is money - lots of it.

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  1. "Having tapped into the mother lode, climatologists, like Wall Street bankers and tort-bar lawyers, did everything possible to perpetuate their scams and to conceal from the public the true nature of their wrongdoing."

    The shame is that this should not have happened. It only was enabled to go on so long because the scam was aided and abetted by the politicians inside the beltway.

    The financial crisis was created by an unholy alliance between the most speculative security traders, the least ethical trial lawyers, and the regulatory officials who supposedly oversee such activity. The perps were given a free run to cheat honest people of their savings-- in return for contributions to political slush funds.

    The same type of alliance exists betwen the GW alarmists and the pols. The Greeny fanatics provide an emotional issue pols can milk to get votes while the greenies all receive grants to study and "prove" their alarming predictions.

    Naturally, the lawyers, speculators, greenies, and the pols, and their allies in the media, do not want any of this known. It is the goose that lays golden eggs for all of them, while plucking silver from the pockets of all the decent Americans who pay the piper.

    And it gathers its own momentum--"honest" scientists see what projects are winning grants and join the bandwagon; financial institutions re-establish their most speculative trading divisions, non-profit organizations adopt GW postures, and all academics tremble at the thought of the Inquisition for skeptics.

    It gives credence to Caplan's "The Myth of the Rational Voter." It makes even me wonder about the good sense of the ordinary American people. What has happened to our character? Where is Sam Adams when we need him?
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/27  at  08:56 PM
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