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An Odor Too Rotten To Ignore

Even a major mainstream, liberal-progressive newspaper columnist finds repulsive the back-room vote-buying deals needed to stop a filibuster of the Senate’s National Socialist healthcare bill.

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  1. Tut, tut!
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  2. Here's a Christmas Toast to Dana Milbank at the Washington Post!

    His eyes have been opened to the graft and corruption of our Congress. Maybe there's hope for others to see the need for reform instead of mutual finger pointing.

    This should not be a time for saying "Everybody does it." We were promised "change" in how Washington operates, and all we got is more of the same.

    P. S. I have a recent mailing from the Goldwater Institute reprinting George Will's article in the Washington Post. He suggests this Health Care mandate to buy insurance may not muster Supreme Court approval under the Commerce Clause. Further, Arizonans are trying to pass a State Consitutional Amendment to prohibit any law that restricts a person's free choice of private health care systems. We should not yet despair--As Yogi advised us, "It's not over till it's over!
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  4. Perhaps it is time to abandon the 60 vote cloture rule - a self-imposed stricture that does not appear in the constitution - that has caused the majority to offer earmarks to senators to get their votes.

    The support for the health bill is a landslide 60 to 40. The American people voted this group of folks in and this lopsided majority is a reflection of their will. The constitution calls for majority rule, not a super-majority.

    The process-abusing, nay-saying Republicans have disgracefully invoked the filibuster tactic dozens of more times than any in similar period in history. They should be ashamed.
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  5. Who voted for this nonsense? They voted for a different guy ( hope and change, transparency, away from the 'old ways') and against George Bush. Like this bill, AWG and the candidate himself, it's all about corruption and fraud. Chicago ward politics writ large.
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