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Obama Deserves An F in History

Karl Rove speaks the truth to Obama’s shameless and continual lying.

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  1. Karl Rove is an interesting cross between Rasputin and Mephistopheles. Hearing Rove opine about "lying" should give one the same thrill as hearing Bernie Madoff reflect about integrity on Wall Street.
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  2. So, they're both liars?
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  3. Mr. Rove's article detailing the deceits, lies, and lame excuses that we see coming from Obama's White House is an excellent and devastating recap of just a few of such lamentable lapses by our new President.

    Of course, this emerging pattern of deceit is becoming more and more obvious to all as the poll numbers show--Apparently no President in history has ever had such poor numbers within less than a year of taking office!

    Mr. Jay's two-pronged response shows the poverty of his explanatory arsenal: First he calls Rove names and makes some sort of comparison to Madoff--as if any of that had any bearing on Rove's excellent and detailed exposition.

    Second, he references us to a Bill Moyers video that is extremely slanted to destroy his opponents by innuendo, stretched accusations and name calling. And of course, Moyers is about as fair and balanced as a hanging judge at a frat party.
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/19  at  07:45 PM
  4. Bill,

    My goodness! I have never heard Moyers described like that before! He always seemed to me to be closer to Walter Cronkite in outlook, even handedness and high credibility than to the evil soul you paint.

    "A hanging judge at a frat party"? You won't mind if I put that one in my book of championship mixed metaphors, will you?

    Mr. Rove may be the best that the conservatives have at the present time, but this sorry character just missed being sent up the river along with Scooter Libby for the lies and shenanigans of the Plame affair. Maybe he will get nailed when they investigate the illegal firing of the States Attorneys that he coordinated.

    Have a nice Christmas, by the way.
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  5. J,

    I meant to say he was as fair and balanced as the Left-Leaning Tower of Pisa

    Merry Christnmas to you too, you high IQ genius!
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/21  at  12:00 PM
  6. Karl Rove is behaving like a large portion of the American people, acting inpatient and wanting instant results. It is going to take some time to right the ship of state and fix all the holes in its hull.

    Considering the extraordinary mess Obama was handed he is doing pretty good, I'd say.

    If Bush had acted more responsibly and as a better manager, especially with his two wars, then there would be no need for Obama to take a swipe at him.
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  7. Another historian I've met and talked with, Victor Davis Hanson, scores the COC (Community Organizer in Chief) an F-- :
    Posted by AmendmentX  on  12/23  at  01:46 AM
  8. Thanks for the Hanson article, AmendmentX. It is interesting to revisit the historic facts that Obama has to twist to make his own case. The twisting shows how every Obama utterance and objective is contrary to and belied by actual past events.

    It is no coincidence that this recurring twisting of history is exactly what Orwell had in mind when he coined the term Double Speak to evidence the totalitarian "Mind Speak" methods of Communistic societies.

    Julian Simon's great book "Hoodwinked" reveals how this same twisting of facts and news has for decades been the standard product of America's major media outlets as well as its academics and leftist intelligentsias. With such a constant drone of mis-information, it is remarkable that more people don't think and write like our friends David and Jay.

    P. S. I recommend Hanson's book "The Other Greeks, The Family Farm and the Agrarian Roots of Western Civilization." It concerns those independent rural farmers of 800-900 BC who formed the cornerstone of early Greece. They laid the foundation for the great accomplishments of Hesiod, Lycurgus, Thales, Solon, Pythagorus et al who built Greece's glory several centuries before Plato and Socrates were born. It appears those early farmers were unregulated, respected the private property of each other, had minimal government, no intellectuals, and were fiercely independent and self-reliant.

    These farmers were one of the "laboratory societies" that pioneered economic and political freedom. The Truth is that their free and independent outlook gradually created the miracle of ancient Greece. Obama-Fiction would probably find a way to report that their community organizers found a way for their non-existent government to have created Athens.
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/23  at  09:54 AM
  9. You're welcome Bill.
    I do a fair amount of work with WWII vets. A number of them go out and speak at schools ( a minor miracle as these men are not PC). One of my closest friends was a B-24 pilot with the 8th Air Force (35 completed combat missions). After one talk, the teacher (a science teacher) said "Students, I think we should thank Mr. Bachman for telling us what he did in World War Eleven." One of the administrators showed Mr. Bachman the school's history book: one and a half pages on the aforementioned WWII- nine pages on Marilyn Monroe.
    Lessons not taught are lessons unlearned.
    Posted by AmendmentX  on  12/23  at  11:25 AM
  10. You might like James Bradley's "Fly Boys." It is a recent book that recounts much of the Pacific Theater's heroics and atrocities. It is especially revealing about the brutality of Japanese troops in China.

    The pages on how the Japanese officers trained their often reluctant recruits to bayonet live American airmen as practice are a reminder of how barbaric some of our foes have been. It reminds one of the recent terrorists live-on-TV slitting of the throat of the WSJ reporter.

    Such a comparison also reveals the idiocy of the protest by supposedly intelligent Americans against Camp Gitmo. In their dream like academic settings, they think we are merely playing patty-cake with Islamic terrorists!
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/23  at  11:43 AM
  11. Bill- a couple of friends gave me a copy when it first came out. I enjoyed it. I'm also friends with one of the "Band of Brothers" who lives here in Minnesota and was severely wounded at Bastogne. A lot of interesting stories. a B-17 pilot who flew gasoline to Tito's Communist troops. A B-24 pilot who's bomb group bombed Switzerland twice- purposefully! A self described Air Force courier who just "picked up documents and took them to HQ" and when I asked where he picked up those documents-"oh, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany" as mater of factly as if he was describing breakfast. Did he ever come close to being caught? "Oh, sure." I see...Extraordinary events told in ordinary tones.
    As much as I joined the unit to hear the stories, a few years ago after we lost a Corsair Pilot (Mac), it occurred to me that the stories weren't that important anymore- I just get to hang out with these guys.
    A few obits I wrote:
    I've pretty much had lunch with these guys every Wednesday for eight years. I have no, absolutely NO idea how many medals are in that lunchroom on Wednesdays.
    I've never met John Kerry and I know exactly how many medals he has (or had if indeed he did throw them over that White House fence).
    They are such a self-effacing group of men.
    I see them as giants and heroes. They see themselves as the guy next door who was doing what everyone else was doing.
    And one more thing: they almost always say that as bad as they may have had it, the "other guys" had it worse:
    I met a vet who was on the French/German border in winter '44-'45. when I told him that I did work with the 8th air Force vets, he said that he and his fellow ground pounders looked up, cheered the bombers on. But he was clear "Ya know, I'd never trade places with those poor dumb bastards." That night I called a friend who was a B-17 ball turret gunner and POW. I told of meeting the ground vet and Don immediately said "When we flying to Germany, we'd look down and know we were flying over the front lines. And when I looked down I thought-'Wow, I'd never trade places with those poor dumb bastards down on the ground.' " I laughed for 5 minutes hearing exactly the same words from two different vets.
    Posted by AmendmentX  on  12/23  at  12:09 PM
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  13. Great site, that Savage one, AmendmentX. Is that you with McCain? And, where did you get that shirt? I need one!

    I had lunch yesterday with an old friend, ninety-two now, who was recounting how his destroyer escort played real patty-cake with U-Boats in the Atlantic. One day, one of the troop ships in the convoy got hit, and went down. It's crew jumped in the ocean. My friend's destroyer chased and damaged the guilty U-Boat which surfaced and then sank. It's crew jumped in the ocean.

    So, there were all these Germans and Americans swimmin around, trying to stay afloat together. He helped pick up the survivors and had most of them on board for a couple weeks before getting to land. They all got pretty chummy.

    Just a few years ago they had a big reunion--the skipper and surviving crew from the U-Boat, the destroyer's crew, and some of the guys from the troop ship. My friend had a chance to ask the U-Boat skipper about his evasive tactics and why he veered sharply to starboard as the depth charges came down--which allowed the sub to at least surface before sinking. Apparently, it was dumb luck- The skipper replied, "It had been so quiet so long I figured I should do something, anything."
    Posted by bill greene  on  12/23  at  08:20 PM
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