The View From 1776

Liberal-Progressive-Socialism Reveals Its Venomous, Serpentine Head

The greenhouse-gas hypothesis has always been about redistributing wealth and power, first into the hands of so-called scientists running a mammoth scam, then into the hands of third-world dictators, all in the name of socialistic social justice.

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  1. A large fraction of GW scientists are involved in quantifying the mechanisms of and temperature changes of global warming. It is mostly the politicians who are involved in figuring out what to do about it.

    In today's Times, John Tierney offers an intriguing proposal by Ross McKitrick, to base a carbon tax on the measured temperature of the earth. As the temperature rises, the tax rises. If the temperature does not rise (and the skeptics are right) the tax is not imposed.

    McKitrick's plan does not require us to wait until it is "too late" to respond to GW. The market will force investors to make the best possible use of information and to press for improvements in clamate forecasting.
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  2. Oh brother. Governmnet statistics are already being cooked to control COLA increases and the like. If revenue generated by taxes were dependent on temperature readings the massaged 'science' would be worse than it is now. The hysteria and crisis atmosphere would be ginned up to no end.
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