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Obama Moves Toward Censorship

Censorship is an essential step to implement socialistic regulatory control of the nation.

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  1. If you asked ten people on the street whether there is more danger from censorship from the far right or from the far left, I dare say you would get a clear majority opinion that the danger lurks far more on the right.

    One only need cite book banning as a favorite pastime of the right.

    As recently as the last election, Sarah Palin, in one example, famously asked the librarian of Wasilla what the process was to get certain books banned. When the librarian would not cooperate, Palin had the librarian fired.
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  2. Mr. Jay:

    As you often do, you don't address the point of a post, but counter with a flippant "so's your old man" comment.

    While we are reminding ourselves of other examples of censorship, consider the censorious stratagems of man-made-global-warming fanatics to suppress all evidence that undercuts their mythology. Ditto with regard to scientific journals, the Smithsonian and related venues, as well as the major part of academia, all supposedly devoted to dispassionate assessment of all the evidence, who block consideration of biologically based evidence for intelligent design (which is not creationism).

    Our so-called educational system uses censor-supervised economics, history, and biology texts that report only the liberal-progressive version of socialized society and proclaim it to be firmly settled science.
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  3. One of the great beauties of this country is that there is, in fact, precious little censorship by the government or by private organizations (outside of the far right wing, that is).

    What you regard, Tom, as censorship of "intelligent design" evidence, and "evidence" that global warming is unrelated to man's activities, is nothing of the sort. Advocates of these positions (however far fetched) are free to publish to their heart's content. Unfortunately for them, if the so-called evidence for these arguments is weak or non-existent, you cannot force others to accept them. One's belief in the rightness of a cause is insufficient to claim "censorship," solely based on the failure of others to climb onto your bandwagon.

    In fact, there is no dearth of access to the media even for the most crackpot of ideas.

    For instance, to this day we have many newspapers printing medieval "Horoscopes" which purport to forecast your future based on the alignment of the planets. If the "liberal progressives" (i.e. people who are guided by rational thought) were actually in charge of the media as you allege, such nonsense would have been cleaned away long ago.
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  5. All collectivism is produced by the political humanist Left. There is no Right wing.

    Since conserving the Constitution (& its Principles) is the Center of the greatest nation in human history, it will be attacked because the Center is to the Right of the Left.

    They can't stand competition, whether it is opinion or persons or facts; doesn't matter. CENSOR

    Typical of the constantly earned self-doubting socialistic collectivist - that included Hiler, Mao, Stalin, polpot, etc.

    Patty-cake, pppp...
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  11/04  at  12:39 PM
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