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Cherry-picking data to support a preconceived hypothesis is not science.

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  1. When I was in school in the late 40's and early 50's I had a math teacher show that by slight of hand you can prove it to be shorter to walk around the block than to cut across to reach the opposite side. I had a statistic prof say that data can be presented to support any preconceived idea. There fore we have "Global Warming"
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  2. The validity of global warming model does not rest on a single set of data, but is based on results from a vast array of studies.

    It must be difficult for the global warming deniers to explain the melting of the south pole ice shelves, the melting of glaciers world wide, and the opening of a shipping lane across the north pole.

    Are these figments of the imagination or the product of distorted data? The result of a world wide conspiracy of thousands of scientists?
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  3. The warmists are challenged, to be kind. The fraud of all time. If you believe what you are told to believe without thinking or questioning the motives of those who benefit from such a fraud you really need help. Believe what you want to believe jj, but leave the rest of us alone.
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  4. "The fraud of all time."

    I guess this means that there is, in fact, a huge conspiracy of thousand of scientists world wide, who, for their own nefarious reasons, have all gotten together and agreed to falsify their data, and publish the same conniving and false results.

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  5. Mr. Jay:

    Fraud and conspiracy are not synonyms.
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  6. Mr. Brewton,

    Tom C. said that the concept of global warming was a "Fraud."

    In order for global warming to actually be a "fraud," you need the connivance of thousands of scientists who have all, "independently," published findings indicating that we are undergoing global warming.

    That is is the connection between Tom C.'s "Fraud" theory of global warming, and the requisite conditions for it to be a fraud - a hidden plot by many - i.e. a conspiracy.
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  7. JJ. Government funding of so-called 'science' works to the benefit of the nuttiest statists who want power and will stop at nothing to accumulate that power and control. The federal reserve system of debt based, fiat currency requires more control over the productive economy just to pay the interest on the debt. We can't end that gravy train for the banks and politicians, can we? A tax on carbon, one of the most abundant elements in the universe, would be the height of absurdity matched only by the proprietor of the post office, social security, medicare, fannie mae and fredie mac promising efficencies and cost savings if we would only delegate to them complte control over the health care industry. Insanity.

    CO2 is to flora what oxygen is to fauna. The terrestrial climate is dynamic, ever changing. A minimal historical/geological perspective should make one skeptical at least regarding the doomsday scenarions proffered by the likes of Al Gore and his cultish followers. The hockey stick chart has been shown to be a manipulated, data cooked fraud. What else is fraudulant? The past hysteria about the coming ice age? Was that a fraud? Pseudo-science?

    I may have been mistaken regarding this 'warmism' nonsense as the 'greatest fraud' when one considers it's competition over the last few decades. Marxism, contemporary 'liberalism', living constitutionalism, deconstructionism, the federal reserve, keynesianism, the progressive cult of the 'expert' and 'scientific' central planning, fiat money, etc., etc. All hallmarks of the progressive, magical thinking, cargo cult mindset. The current progressive fraud of chicken little, the sky is falling, end of the world fear mongering to justify more self-dealing statism may have been inevitable. The progressive nut jobs are running out of ammunition and the state needs more control over the society they wish to reduce to serfdom in order to simply pay the interest on the debt as they regulate every aspect of your life. The rank and file left happily goes along simply because, like the social/statists of the past, they buy into the utopian nonsense and the coercion that goes with it. They refuse to think or to learn the lessons of history. Government never admits failure unless forced to face up to their disaterous policy through a revolt of those who pay the bills.

    Government is coercion, force. It's not your mommy and daddy. Tyrants have interests too. Citizens of a republic are not children regardles of the naivete of those who look to the state as some kind of divinity. It's called arrested adolescence, living in fear, terror while looking for someone to protect them from the rigors of rational thought and the consequences of bad decisions. That, in a nutshell, is contemporary 'liberalism'. The greatest enabler of statist, tyrannical fraud the world has ever witnessed.
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  8. Preconceptions rule is another way of saying no one is smarter than their criteria. Most self-proclaimed 'intellectuals' are secular humanists and atheistic. And, it rules their personal, ethical. and egoistic scientism lives.

    (There is a more accurate center.)

    Their moral opinion should be tossed. Evidence includes the scientific fact that 'Everything' did not come from 'Nothing'...

    Small wonder they always talk 'policy.' Their hoped-for assumptions are false, based on fleshly appetites, ego-needs, and a dire need for self-justification.

    Patty-cake time again... still
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  10/09  at  10:42 AM
  9. Bees, ants, and humans. Intellectual? sic
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  10/09  at  11:02 AM
  10. Our founding fathers would be distressed to hear you bad mouth the government that they risked to much to establish.
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  11. No. They would likely be even more accurately critical than we. They possessed the highest criteria - that has not been replaced by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, & Company. They are trying to displace it. It won't work for humans. Bees & ants only.

    I.Q. Test? No. Patty-cake time.
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  10/10  at  09:31 AM
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